Firefighter cheating statistics

In emergency situations, firefighters are one of the first responders in the area. They are courageous, compassionate, and consider themselves humble public servants. They are modern heroes who risk their lives to rescue citizens from burning buildings. They are good and loyal people. However, there are bad apples in every profession, and firefighters are no exception. Although most of them are loyal, cheating also happens inside the firehouse, especially since 30% of relationships are involved in cheating.

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Study shows that almost 50% of all firefighters claim that maintaining a relationship with one’s romantic partner is a highly stressful part of the job. Because being a firefighter is a daunting task and dealing with family stress on top of it is quite hard. According to a study, cheating is not really the problem causing them to be divorced, it is the stressful nature of their job, which means that they are likely to cheat like everyone else. 

Are firemen known to cheat?

30% of all relationships involved in cheating, including firefighters

There are connotations about firefighters of being “cheater”. However, that’s not necessarily true. A person will cheat regardless of what gender they are or where they worked. 

According to Tinder swipe, Firefighters are amongst the most attractive jobs for men and women.

Most of the time, firefighters’ jobs are romanticized. It can catch someone’s attention easily, regardless if they are married or not. Aside from the good physique from their rigorous physical activities, firefighters are absolutely attractive and look so worthy to be a mate. This could potentially increase the chance of cheating in this profession.

Number of women Firefighters compared to men

According to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), females make up less than 10% of the U.S. Fire Service

Despite the increasing number of female firefighters, they still make up less than 10% of the entire fire service department. The vast majority of the department are still men, with about 90% of the entire Fire Service. According to the latest NFPA record, there are 88,800 female firefighters, 14,900 female career firefighters, and 73,900 volunteer female firefighters.

What is the percentage of Firefighters getting divorced because of Cheating?

U.S. census data shows rates of divorce for firefighters in the range of 12-14%

About 77% of male firefighters are married compared to general public of about 55%. There’s this infamous connotation about firefighters having a high divorce rate. However, data says otherwise. Prevalence of divorce among male firefighters was like the general population. Although there’s a big chunk of firefighters’ divorce rate (12 to 14 percent), cheating is not the main cause. Firefighters’ stressful jobs are to blame. Studies have found that firefighter family faces challenges because of the nature of their jobs. They are more likely to experience stress in work, PTSD, etc.  Despite having a 12-14% divorce rate, firefighters had a lower divorce rate than most other occupations, which corresponds higher than 16%.

There is a higher prevalence of divorce in female firefighters than male

According to a study, the current divorce rate among female fighters is 32.1%, which is three times higher than the prevalence rate of the general population. They are more likely to get divorced than male firefighters about 40%, compared to male fighters of 24.4%. The main culprit is not actually cheating, but the ever-present risk to firefighters that men who married female firefighters might not be prepared.

Is Firefighter Occupation the most likely to cheat?

There is this infamous line about firefighters as the “Cheating Firefighters”.

 However, no data in history can back that up. There is no sufficient data that will tell us that Firefighter has high incidents of cheating. In fact, according to the survey, men who work in trades like plumbers or electricians are more likely to cheat than firefighters. Cheating is always present up to this day and age. The bottom line is, regardless of someone’s profession, if a person is a cheater, he/she will cheat.

What causes firefighters to cheat? 

Regardless of the profession, once a cheater is always a cheater no matter what work a person has.

We cannot discount the fact that cheating happens inside and outside of the fire service department. The vast majority who cheated is either because of a lack of emotional connection in the relationship or lack of emotional and sexual connection with their partners. Firefighters’ job is not easy. Aside from the risk they face, their job is highly demanding and stressful. The hardest thing for the spouse of a firefighter is their absences, especially the constant agony of waiting to hear from them once they step out of the door and perform their duties. This is when the lack of connection between the couple starts and continues to deteriorate until the other person feels neglected and seeks affection from another.