Who We Are

Our Mission

Tips For Efficiency (TFE) is on a mission to help people live more efficient and informed lives. To do this, we provide answers to your most pressing questions through our broad library of well-researched and updated articles across thousands of topics. We strive to be your trusted source of independent information to help you be more efficient.

Our main goal is to get you accurate information and quick answers to your questions. Our team of researchers is focused on producing work that is trustworthy, accurate, and unbiased. We only use the highest quality sources for our research and follow a robust editorial review process.

Our Business

We have over 30 professionals working with us, which include researchers, writers, experts, and consultants, across a wide range of industries and sectors. We use our network of professionals to keep our content fresh, accurate, and up-to-date.

Our editorial review board is responsible for overseeing content production from end to end. This includes planning, researching, writing, reviewing, fact-checking, and updating all content across the website.

The Tips For Efficiency library of more than 1,000 pieces of content (created over several years) reaches over 50,000 visitors each month and gives you the insights and answers you need to stay efficient in your life across topics such as Learning, Money, Outdoors, and Technology. We help you stay current and understand what’s changing in the world as you strive to be more efficient in all areas of your life.

Editorial Guidelines

Editorial Code

Producing high-quality content is our top priority. We take pride in our process and the outcome of what we create at Tips for Efficiency. We cover a wider range of topics, however, our process is always the same. We always focus on research, verification, and usefulness to our users. Our researchers and writers create high-quality content that is based on their expert experience, original in nature, accurate, reliable, and insightful. Our content review board ensures all content is free from bias, moral concerns, conflicts of interest, or inaccurate information.

Experience and Expertise
Our writers are selected based on their relevant experience and expertise in a given topic or subject area. We only assign writers to a topic if they are qualified to talk about it, willing to do thorough research, cite sources, and provide interesting insights. Over the years, we have developed relationships with competent writers who have proven to be an authority on a particular topic.

Review Process
All of our content, including articles, blog posts, and research, are thoroughly reviewed and professionally edited to uphold our high standards. We use fact-checkers and editors to ensure all information is accurate and reliable by checking sources (and providing them to you). We also care about esthetics and presentation, including having high-quality images, videos, summaries, lists, overviews, and elements that make it easier for users to read our articles and get key takeaways.

If you discover an article that needs to be improved for any reason, please contact us at: [email protected].

Ongoing Accuracy & Corrections

The quality, accuracy, and insightfulness of our fact-checked articles, data, and information are critical to our brand. As such, we are committed to being accountable for the information presented on this website.

Our vast library of content and resources is regularly reviewed, fact-checked, and updated. We follow our own internally developed system for reviewing the work produced by our team of experts and only seek to work with writers with significant first-hand experience with the topics they are discussing.

If an error is discovered, we will immediately update our content and include a correction note at the bottom of the article/webpage, as well as a date that the changes were made.

We encourage our community of readers to help us monitor the accuracy and quality of our content and welcome feedback. You can report anything to [email protected].

General Business Guidelines

Impartial and Independent

Our content is not directly influenced by advertisers, affiliates, and any parties outside our company. We strive to provide independent content, materials, and articles for our readers. If we published sponsored content, we will mark it as such.

Conflicts of Interest

All authors, researchers, and editors are required to disclose any real or potential conflicts of interest that may arise in working for this site. Examples of conflicts of interest include but are not limited to, financial, personal beliefs, social, or other benefits that would accrue to the individual for their work on this website. Expect our team to be fairly compensated for their work, and not to be tempted to seek outside benefits that may be inflicted with providing objective work.

Our team members are strictly forbidden from giving preferred treatment to any resource outside of this website that would benefit the individual, company, or website.


Our team, including researchers, writers, and editors are responsible for fulfilling our mission of helping people live more efficient and informed lives. As such, they need to add value to our readers, which means upholding the highest journalistic standards. Our articles must contain only information that is verified and attributed. It must also be free from plagiarism, copyright infringement, or material that is generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI). We are committed to providing only information that our team has first-hand experience and expertise on.

Unconscious Biases

We work hard to address any and all unconscious biases that our team may have. In order to do this we have internal training and monitoring around the most common biases that include but are not limited to attribution, authority, confirmation, gender, name, overconfidence, and other biases.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

At TFE, equity, diversity, and inclusion mean embracing the uniqueness of all our team members, and that they are representative of the global population. Equity means that all people of all identities are treated in a fair and equal manner. Diversity means the characteristics, expressions, and experiences of our team members are varying. Inclusion means we foster an environment where all team members are treated with respect, their differences are encouraged, and they have access to equal opportunities.