F32T8 Bulb LED Replacement

LEDs are a better alternative to fluorescents. While they cost a little more upfront, they cost a lot less in the long term because they typically require half as much energy as a fluorescent and can last up to eight times as long. This alone makes them more than worth the upfront cost.

F15T12 LED Replacement

Like many of its compatriots, the F15T12 is on the way out. If the superiority of LEDs over fluorescents doesn’t make you change your mind, then a government ban on T12 lamps certainly will. But there’s nothing to worry about. There are plenty of LEDs chomping at the bit to replace your F15T12.

F20T12 Bulb LED Replacement

Unlike fluorescent lamps, LEDs use 30% less power, last 10 times longer, and contain no toxic materials. They are a better lighting product. You should replace your fluorescent lights with LEDs if you haven’t already.

Westinghouse iGen2500 Problems

The iGen2500 leaked gas all the time, overheated like an empty pan on a hotplate, and had a tendency to burst into flames while operating. The generator’s disastrous run peaked with a product recall in late 2017. The model is still on the market today, an indication that Westinghouse has at least tried to fix the mistakes it should never have made in the first place.