Kevin Wamalwa

Airbnb & Afterpay

Sadly, Airbnb does not accept Afterpay or any other Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) services. Despite Afterpay being an unsupported payment method on Airbnb, you can still use it. It just requires a few extra steps.

Why is Every Book a Bestseller?

With hundreds of different organizations maintaining separate bestseller lists adhering to separate standards, it has never been easier to get onto a bestseller list. On top of that, we have tiny-mini categories that make it even easier to claim bestseller status in categories that only see a handful of books published within them. Add in good old cheating and you have bestsellers left, right, and center.

Who Does CBE Group Collect For?

The CBE Group collects debt on behalf of many private businesses and two government agencies: the IRS and the DoE. The CBE Group is also in the business of buying bundles of delinquent debt for pennies on the dollar and then aggressively trying to collect the full amount.

What is CBE Group?

Headquartered in Cedar Falls, Iowa, the CBE Group is one of the largest and most annoying debt collectors in America. If you think they’re bad now, they’ve been in business since 1933.

Action Collectors

Action Collectors Inc is an internet-shy debt collection agency based in Yakima, Washington. It has no website, no email, no Facebook page, no nothing. It does all its business via phone and snail mail.

MRS BPO homepage


MRS BPO LLC, also trading as MRS Associates, bills itself as a full-service accounts receivables management (ARM) firm— a very fancy way of saying they’re debt collectors.

Lanczos vs Bicubic

Lanczos and Bicubic are both rescaling algorithms. They can both upscale or downscale stream images. For example, you can play a game at 1440p and stream it at 1080p. Conversely, you could upscale a 720p game to 1080p while streaming. While images rescaled by either Lanczos or Bicubic look virtually identical at a cursory glance, there are differences in image sharpness and computing cost.

Dyneema vs Spectra

Dyneema and Spectra are both Ultra High Weight Molecular Polyethylene (UHMWPE) fibers. The Dutch company DSM produces Dyneema while Spectra is produced by DSM’s American competitor Honeywell. DSM Dyneema BV manufactures for the American market at its factory in Greenville, North Carolina while Honeywell’s factory is in Colonial Heights, Virginia. Dyneema and Spectra are both chemically identical. The only difference between the fibers comes from how they’re braided and branded.