Kevin Wamalwa

B-Frames OBS

B-frame is short for bi-directional predictive frame, a form of video compression. In the 1800 frames of your one-minute video, you are the only moving object. The wall remains still and unchangeable. To cut down on the file size of your video, it is compressed. That is, only the pixels that change position from frame to frame are retained. B-frames perform compression by consulting the frames that come both before and after a frame. So if you have frames 1, 2, and 3, in order to render frame 2, a B-frame checks the pixel alignment on frames one and three. If the pixel alignment is different, then the changed pixels are the only ones that are stored on frame two and later rendered.


A common problem cited by many OBS Studio users is its RAM usage. As a video processing program, OBS Studio requires a good chunk of RAM to function properly. Since users might be livestreaming something like a video game, which also needs a lot of RAM to run properly, a RAM overload is bound to happen on a computer with low RAM or many programs running simultaneously.

A Geico ARX Body shop

GEICO Auto Repair Xpress Review

GEICO ARX is a network of GEICO-certified body shops that repair cars for GEICO customers at rates pre-negotiated by the insurance company. These are independent shops that opt into the program. They’re not owned by GEICO.

Motomaster Oil Review

Now, if you’re not too attached to a particular brand of engine oil because it’s the same one everyone in your family has always used for three generations, then pause to consider the merits of Motomaster oil. It’s one of Shell’s cheaper offerings and the user reviews are good.

Anchor Motor Mount Review

Motor mounts wear out after about 5-7 years and need replacement. But come replacement time, which brand do you choose? Anchor Industries makes some of the cheapest engine mounts on the market and we will be reviewing their product today.

Delphi Ignition Coil Review

As the main purpose of an ignition coil is to essentially act as a small transformer, stepping up the measly 12 volts from the battery into the thousands of volts that are needed to create an electric arc and ignite the fuel-air mixture, a faulty ignition coil means that your engine won’t be able to start.

Valeo Clutch Review

While there are a lot of clutch brands to choose from out there, Valeo is one of the more storied ones. The company makes clutches for around 90% of European cars and trucks in existence.

Dinieper Tropic 1200

The Dieneiper Tropic 1200 is a steel-hulled single-masted sloop designed by famed French naval architects Michel Joubert and Bernard Nivelt. It was built by the Dienieper boat yard in Brazil in the early 1990s.

Catalina 25 Interior

Catalina 25 Interior Upgrades

Seeing as the first Catalina 25s were produced in the late ‘70s and the last one rolled off the production line in 1994, you will need to upgrade the boat with some modern necessities if you haven’t already.

Meet People On Discord

How To Meet People On Discord

You can meet new people on Discord by joining new servers centered around your interests or hobbies. As you engage in discussions within those servers, your reputation will grow and making friends will become easier. 

Discord Bots

Why Discord Bots Go Offline

There are four major reasons:
The code for your bot may have bugs.
Your bot may be violating Discord’s terms of service
The computer or server hosting your bot may be turned off.
Your bot may not be designed to be always online.

Discord Called Discord

Why Is Discord Called Discord?

Discord was called Discord by its founders, Jason Citron and Stanislav Vishnevsky. After considering other options, they settled on Discord because the word had something to do with talking, sounded cool, was easily pronounceable, memorable, and had an available domain name.