Kevin Wamalwa

Lanczos vs Bicubic

Lanczos and Bicubic are both rescaling algorithms. They can both upscale or downscale stream images. For example, you can play a game at 1440p and stream it at 1080p. Conversely, you could upscale a 720p game to 1080p while streaming. While images rescaled by either Lanczos or Bicubic look virtually identical at a cursory glance, there are differences in image sharpness and computing cost.

Dyneema vs Spectra

Dyneema and Spectra are both Ultra High Weight Molecular Polyethylene (UHMWPE) fibers. The Dutch company DSM produces Dyneema while Spectra is produced by DSM’s American competitor Honeywell. DSM Dyneema BV manufactures for the American market at its factory in Greenville, North Carolina while Honeywell’s factory is in Colonial Heights, Virginia. Dyneema and Spectra are both chemically identical. The only difference between the fibers comes from how they’re braided and branded.

AdGuard Vs uBlock Origin

AdGuard and uBlock origin are among the most popular adblockers available today. While both have comparable usage numbers and similar ratings in app stores, the two adblockers have different architectures and business models.

Is ProtonMail A Honeypot?

In recent years, there have been many assertions that Proton and its services are honeypots. These claims are not based on any concrete evidence but on several assumptions extrapolated from several incidents that put Proton’s claims of being in the vanguard of the war for online privacy into question. Plausible as it may be, does the honeypot theory hold any water?

Phones Without GPS

There is no such thing as an untraceable phone. The only way you can avoid tracking is by not communicating at all. However, privacy is not impossible. You may never be completely immune to tracking but you can take steps to make it a lot harder for anyone to keep tabs on your location. Using a phone without a GPS chip is a first step. With additional precautions, you guarantee your privacy even more.

Straffic Breach

While many people who were affected by the Straffic breach received notifications from Credit Karma, the breach had nothing to do with the personal finance company. Credit Karma has a policy of notifying its users when their information is exposed in a breach.

Newpipe iOS

Newpipe is a free and open-source privacy-oriented YouTube client for Android. You can use Newpipe to view YouTube videos without ads and trackers. Newpipe also works with SoundCloud, PeerTube, Bandcamp, and

Is BlockSite Safe?

As far as extensions go, BlockSite collects a mind-boggling amount of user data. It has access to every web page you visit and the content on it. That’s how it’s able to block a site, entire categories of sites (social media sites for example), and even specific phrases. In 2018 BlockSite was banned from the Firefox store for being spyware. It’s back now. Does that mean it is out of the woods? The answer is that we might never know. Proprietary programs never release their source code so you have to trust that the company isn’t doing anything nefarious with your data.

Discord Age Verification Picture

Discord’s age verification didn’t affect everyone. Just a selection of users who had been reported for being under 13 and teens who tried changing their age to 18 so they could access NSFW servers.