Is BlockSite Safe?

As far as extensions go, BlockSite collects a mind-boggling amount of user data. It has access to every web page you visit and the content on it. That’s how it’s able to block a site, entire categories of sites (social media sites for example), and even specific phrases. In 2018 BlockSite was banned from the Firefox store for being spyware. It’s back now. Does that mean it is out of the woods? The answer is that we might never know. Proprietary programs never release their source code so you have to trust that the company isn’t doing anything nefarious with your data.

Doxbin Removal

Doxbin claims that PHP code can’t harass anyone. People submit the information and they just keep it up. They don’t do any hacking or harassing. They’re as innocent as an arms dealer who sells AK-47s to ISIS. Both refuse responsibility for what they facilitate.