Facebook Ad Blocker Opera

By Shaira Alano Written by Shaira Alano
Updated on August 3, 2023

Opera users rejoice! Gone are the days when you have to come across incessant advertisements that would suddenly pop out as you are going through your Facebook newsfeed since there’s finally an extension that allows you to block those pesky ads.

Introducing the Ad Blocker for Facebook App! This nifty little tool allows Opera users to block annoying ads on Facebook. This tool will elevate your browsing experience by getting rid of those annoying ads without slowing down your browsing, asking for any premium payments, or even signing up for anything.

How to block ads on Facebook in Opera browser

Unlike other extensions or plugins that would require you to go through a complicated process of installation, the Facebook ad blocker opera is extremely easy to use.

First, you need to download the extension from the Opera store. Once it has been installed, simply click on the tool’s icon and it will automatically start blocking ads on Facebook.

  1. Go to Ad Blocker for Facebook App.
To download the Ad Blocker for Facebook App, you have to click on this link.
  1. Click the Add to Opera button.
Click on the Opera button to download the Ad Blocker for Facebook extension.
  1. Go to Facebook.com and click on Extensions. 
You can see the extension on the pop-up
  1. Click on AdBlocker for Facebook and you can already enjoy the hassle-free and ads-free Facebook that used to love!

What is the best ad blocker for Opera?

There are a ton of Opera add-ons that specifically function to block Facebook ads and improve their users’ productivity, but not all of them work as they are advertised.

The best ad blocker for Opera, which is proven to be reliable and functional is the AdBlocker for Facebook App. Not only does it blocks pop-up advertisements, but it also allows its users to block annoying images, videos, and frames when using Facebook.

What are the features of AdBlocker for Facebook?

Some of the most important features that Adblocker for Facebook offers are the following:

  1. Effectively blocks advertisements in form of videos, images, and frames not only from your newsfeed but from your sidebar as well.
  2. Lite extension that doesn’t affect your computer’s memory and CPU usage.
  3. Hard-coded filtering rules for fast and reliable performance.
  4. Ease of switching the extension on or off from its toolbar popup.
  5. The sidebar or newsfeed ads can be shown separately from its toolbar popup. This ad blocker is also available for other web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

AdBlocker for Facebook App is a must-have if you are the type of person who rolls their eyes whenever an advertisement pops up in their newsfeed. It is easy to download, it doesn’t consume a lot of space, it doesn’t slow down your computer, and most importantly, it is very effective in what it does.

If you are looking for an ad blocker that specifically targets Facebook ads, then this is the tool for you!