Facebook Ad Blocker Edge: A User's Guide

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Updated on August 31, 2023

You might’ve experienced browsing your Facebook account, then suddenly, an ad pops up. Sometimes, you see ads filling your feed that are related to recent searches on the internet. Often, they interrupt you while you are watching. Do you feel a violation of your privacy? A group of programmers created a Facebook Ad Blocker Edge Extension to help address such issues.

Facebook Ad Blocker Edge is a free video and image-sponsored adblocker that blocks image and video-based sponsored ads from showing up in your Facebook News Feed. It is a well-thought-off product, thoroughly researched and tested to ensure it works as an adblocker for Facebook.

What is the Video Ad Blocker for Facebook™ App Extension?

Video Ad Blocker for Facebook™ App Extension is a free video and image sponsored adblocker created by Programmer Hat

Programmer Hat tested several sponsored ad blockers, such as Ghostery, Adlock, uBlock Origin, and Fair AdBlocker. Unfortunately, none of them work as they should. To stop the ads from taking advantage of your time, an online community of software engineers named Programmer Hat crafted a powerful tool to block unwanted ads from bugging your newsfeed. You can easily install Video Ad Blocker to your Edge browser as an extension and make your browsing experience more productive and delightful.

How to install Video Ad Blocker for Facebook™ App Extension?

The installation of Video Ad Blocker for Facebook™ App Extension is pretty easy. All you need to do is go to Video Ad Blocker for Facebook™ App Extension, and you’ll be routed to the app extension page. You can easily install the Facebook adblocker extension by clicking the blue button on the upper-hand corner of your screen.

Facebook Ad Blocker Edge

What are the available languages for Video Ad Blocker for Facebook™ App Extension?

Video Ad Blocker for Facebook™ App Extension is available in 11 languages

Video Ad Blocker for Facebook™ App Extension supported major languages across the globe. As for writing, the app extension supports the following languages:  

  1. Polish
  2. English
  3. Spanish
  4. French
  5. Simplified Chinese
  6. Xianggang Chinese
  7. Russian
  8. German
  9. Hindi
  10. Bengali
  11. Portuguese

Although Programmer Hat will continue to innovate and add more languages it supports in the coming days.

Is it associated with Facebook?

Video Ad Blocker for Facebook™ App Extension is not associated with Facebook

The app extension bears no association with Facebook. Moreover, the social media giant does not endorse it. Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc. alone.