Google Play Store Checking Device Security

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Updated on August 30, 2022

Our Smartphones are not safe from cyberattacks even though they are not often susceptible to traditional viruses like computers. Especially we download apps from different android sites, such as the Play Store to our smartphones from time to time.

To prevent cyberattacks from these downloads, the Google Play Store has several measures in place, such as checking device security to ensure safety while downloading apps. This security check aims to detect some spyware and malware and boost user privacy when downloading apps on smartphones. Despite the good intentions of the Google Play Store, there are reports from users that the “Checking Device Security” notification keeps popping up on their devices and won’t go away for an unknown reason.

Why do I keep having a “Checking Device Security” notification on my Play Store app?

You have authorized the Security Checks to your phone

There are reports from several android users receiving a “Checking Device Security” notification on their phones that won’t go away, even after you run it completely. Several users complain about not having an option to cancel these security checkups.  Up to this day, there is no clear explanation as to why it’s happening to some users, especially those who are using Google Pixel 3 XL phones or phones that run on Android 10.  Several sources also say that this “Checking Device Security” notification is part of the Google Play Services called Play Protect, which triggers local system scans. Some other says a user must have done a privacy and security check of their Google Account and not the android device per se, which triggered the device security check up.

When this happens, there are several measures to do recommended by those who have experienced it. It is said that this may be part of Google Play Protect Services, so you can check if this is the cause, or you can try resetting to factory default so that any scans accidentally triggered will be turned off as well.

What does “Checking Device Security” mean?

Checking Device Security means checking your device for safe app and privacy of your data.

“Checking Device Security” means you have authorized the Security Checks to your phone. Google Play will start scanning your device to ensure your apps are safe and your data is private. These security checks can detect malware or spyware on your device from a downloaded app. It provides notifications and warnings for potentially harmful apps before downloading them, especially when an app violates the Google Playstore Unwanted Software Policy and Developers Policy.

Why is Google Play checking my device security?

Google Play is checking your device security to ensure safe apps are installed.

Google Play will only check your device security if you authorized it. It is said to be part of Google Play Protect which scans for malicious applications on Android devices. Once it detected any harmful apps, it may remove those apps. Notifications are also sent to users to warn them about the potential threat of a specific software before downloading it.

Can I force stop the “Checking Device Security” process?

Restore your mobile phone to factory settings

A lot would say they have difficulty in stopping the Can I force stop the “Checking Device Security” process on Google Play Store. So, if this happens, it is recommended to reset your mobile phone to factory settings to remove any scans you might have triggered.

How do I get rid of Google Play Store Checking Device Security Notification that keeps popping up?

Disable Google Play Protect or reset your phone to factory settings.

When you accidentally authorized scan your mobile device, it should as easy as disabling it in one click. However, many have complained because they are receiving a Google Play Store Checking Device Security Notification that keeps popping up, even after completing the scan. What’s worst is, several people reported that it will not give you an option to get rid of it. According to those who have experienced it, you should check Google Play Protect if it is enabled, if not, reset your device to factory default to reset whatever is triggering these scans.

What should I do when I receive a “Checking Device Security” notification?

Allow the scan to completely run and check your device

When you receive a “Checking Device Security” notification, allow it to completely run and check your device. If you receive any alerts for potentially harmful apps, immediately delete the app or do not attempt to install it if you are just about to download it. If you do not want to run this scan, you can check Google Play Protect and disable it. In case, the scan is not associated with your Google Play Protect, and you keep on having trouble with the scan, factory reset your phone.