Best Place to Buy Doors

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Updated on July 25, 2023

Tons of door makers advertise their products across online and brick-and-mortar stores. However, some of these doors are low-quality 

You can buy the best doors from several US wholesale and retail manufacturers or suppliers. International door manufacturers and suppliers also ship the best doors to several locations worldwide. 

Buying the best doors provides protection from the elements and enhances security for your indoor space. That’s why this article lists the best US and international suppliers of high-quality doors. 

Best Places to Buy Doors in the US 

Woodport Doors

Doors from this company convey some of the craftsmanship in the US on their custom and generic door models. Most Woodport Doors are assembled at their industrial site in Shawano, WI and are available for shpping across America. 

Woodport Doors sell exterior, interior, and fire doors in full or part assembly to US consumers. Some common doors from this brand feature flat, louver, bean, café, bifold, and miracle styles. 

Leed Himmel Inc.

The Leed Himmel brand manufactures custom entrances and is a major assembler of doors for US buyers. The company operates out of its Hamden, CT factory and offers a massive assembly of doors for all spaces. 

Apart from being a major supplier of doors for residential spaces, this companies provides several options for commercial use. Some of Leed Himmel’s most popular doors are designed for storages, warehouses, and large-scale facilities. 

Leed Hmmel also offers several machining services to customers along with the huge collection of doors and accessories available. 

Overly Door Company

Doors assembled from the Overly Door Company are designed to meet specialty needs of clients. Some popular door styles from this brand include:

  • Blast-resistant frame doors
  • Bullet-resistant door panels
  • Vault doors
  • Pressure-resistant doors, 
  • Security shielding doors (radiation shielder)
  • Air and gastight doors, etc.

Doors from this company are made with steel, iron and other materials. Wooden doors are usually designed for residential or non-specialty buyers. 

Most doors from the Overly Door Company are suitable for mining, food service, automotive, architecture, and industrial markets. 

Eucatex of North America

Doors from the Eucatex of North America are produced to offer multiple options for markets. Several doors from this brand are designed with similar specifications to the parent brand in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

The brand also designs and supplies customers with partitions, panels, hardboards, furniture parts, vinyl floors and other household fittings. 

Best Import Door Makers

Jeld Wen 

The Jeld Wen brand reports over $3.6billion in annual sales, making it a top global door maker. Doors from Jeld Wen are assembled in South Yorkshire, UK and several locations in the US and Europe. 

Jeld Wen exterior and interior doors are designed with different materials like timber, wood, composite, steel, and veneer. 

Common doors manufactured by this brand are acoustic, laminated, and fire safety options. The company also makes specialty doors or custom entrances on request at select factories.


Most customers are familiar with Inwido windows and accessories; however, the company designs and sells doors too. Common doors manufactured include front, commercial, and pivot teak. 

Inwido typically uses aluminum, wood, and steel to build its doors. 


The Lixil brand is popular for making a variety of home equipment and fittings. Lixil doors are typically styled for used in entrances, sliding, fences, gates, and toilet stalls. 

With over 300 subsidiary locations worldwide, this international door maker can fulfil massive door orders to multiple customers in different countries. 


Door hardware and access systems are the major products from Dormakaba. The brand also products some of the best door systems ideal for commercial and private use.


Traun, Austria is the international HQ of Internorm. The company also operates at over six (6) European countries.  

Doors from the brand are usually made from timber, aluminum, and other materials.  

Best Door Installation Companies

Home Depot

The Home Depot is one of America’s biggest home improvement stores with 2000+ locations in the US and Canada. Multiple services are available from this brand along with a wide range of door installation services. 

Door installation services from The Home Depot are available for exterior and interior doors. Different door options are also available in-store and online for interested buyers. 

Installation services from this company are priced based on your door style, value, and residence. Regular installation services from this company are available between $170 and $400. 

Mr. Handyman

Services from Mr. Handyman include home repairs, door installations, and so much more. The company offers installation services for commercial and residential properties. 

All technicians from this brand are insured and have at least a decade of experience each. Installation services from Mr. Handyman cover different kinds of exterior and interior doors. 

Services from Mr. Handyman also come with a 6-month warranty for unsatisfied customers.