F15T8 LED Replacement

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Updated on August 18, 2023

The discovery and invention of the first light bulb was the most important invention since human-made fire. Over time, lighting technology continued to innovate so that our lighting system could be more efficient. Fluorescent is one of the most common lighting that we use nowadays. But the invention of LED lights gave way to a more efficient and energy-saving lighting system. So, some people want to switch from fluorescent to LED lights. Read on to find out how to buy and install a F15T8 LED replacement.

F15T8 fluorescent is commonly used. If you want 80% more energy-efficient light, then you can replace fluorescent light with LED lights. For F15T8, “T8” stands for the tubular diameter, you can get an 8-inch diameter LED light to fit the fluorescent light to be replaced.

You can easily change your fluorescent tube with LED tubes or LED-integrated fixtures. It works in plug-and-play, direct-wire, or hybrid LED tubes. Plug-and-play LED tubes are the easiest and most efficient way of changing your fluorescent with LED lights. The other two will require certain knowledge of electric wiring.

Where can I buy an F15T8 LED for replacement?

With the invention of LED lighting fixtures, more and more people want to switch from fluorescent light because it is 80% more energy-efficient, less maintenance, more economical, and has better light quality. It can now be purchased at various stores worldwide, either in a physical store near you or online.

1. Amazon

You can F15T8 Led replacement on Amazon for $36.99 in 120V 2pack. This model is requiring ballast bypass or wiring modification.

2. eBay

Rotatable F15T8 LED tube light 7W is also available on eBay for US $8.98 It guarantees easy installation with a 5-minute installation, flush mount to any kind of ceiling. It comes with 50,000+ bulb life hours.

3. Philips

Philips offers the Essential LEDtube as a perfect replacement for T8 Fluorescent bulbs. The bulbs promised to save up to 44% in energy cost compared to other LED light brands with three times longer ultra-long life of 100,000 hours. It is compatible with numerous ballasts like dimming ballast or Magnetic ballasts.

4. Walmart

There’s a wide selection of F15T8 LED light replacements in Walmart, from the cheapest to the most expensive ones.

How much does an F15T8 LED replacement cost?

F15T8 LED replacement can cost about $160-$506.

Changing fluorescent to LED lights is not that complicated. But you still need to spend to be sure that your replacement is safe. Your cost is sure to be recovered when LED lighting is installed because it is sure to be cost-efficient and last longer than fluorescent lamp life. To sum up the total cost of converting your fluorescent lighting to LED, it may take about $160-$506, which includes the LED conversion kit and LED bulb and the electrician professional fee of about $50-$100 an hour.

Your expenses will depend on the brand of LED lights to be used, the professional fee of the electrician, and the method of how you will change your lighting system. Some of the methods of replacing fluorescent are using Magnilumin Magnetic Retrofit Kits, Ballast Bypass Conversion, or switching out an entire lighting fixture.

How do I know if my ballast is compatible with F15t8 LED?

Test it with a digital camera or smartphone camera.

One of the crucial aspects when it comes to changing F15T8 lighting to LED light is the compatibility with the current fixture that you have. You can simply replace the fluorescent lamps in the fixture with F15T8 LED tubes when the LED lights are ballast-compatible, such as plug-and-play, or direct drop-in type LED tubes. Just make sure the size of the LED lights is the same as the F15T8 fluorescent lamp.

One way to know if LED tubes are compatible with magnetic ballast is to use a digital camera or smartphone camera. If a direct drop-in LED tube is compatible, you will likely see no dark bands on the images. Otherwise, you need to buy a ballast-bypass tube.

Can you put f15t8 LED bulbs in regular fixtures?

Yes, you can put F15T8 LED bulbs in a regular fixture.

Absolutely! You can put f15t8 LED bulbs in the regular fixture. For as long as they are compatible with your ballast, there is no need to actually replace everything. It is recommended to get a plug-and-play F15T8 LED light to avoid the additional cost of having a ballast-bypass tube or hiring professionals.

Will F15T8 LED tubes work with my T12 fixtures?

Yes, you can place F15T8 LED tubes in a T12 ballast.

F15T8 LED tube won’t really fall off because the only difference between T8 and T12 is their diameter which doesn’t affect its ability to fit into the ballast. The only downside is, the T12 ballast usually has a higher current than T8, thus, the LED tribe will have a shorter life.