John Deere D125 Tire Pressure

Indeed, John Deere is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of agricultural and turf equipment that we use in construction and forestry works. One of their great products is the John Deere D125, a lawn mower tractor that can transform your yard in a jiffy. Many have commended John Deere D125 because it is extremely easy ride-on, easy to handle, and high quality.

It is indeed high quality, but it still requires proper maintenance, particularly its tires, to ensure optimal condition. The tire pressure must be maintained between 10 and 14 psi for better traction and balance.

What is the best tire pressure for John Deere D125?

John Deere D125 must be maintained between 10 and 14 psi

In general, the tire pressure of John Deere D125 must be maintained between 10 and 14 psi.  You must consider the size of the tires before inflating them. The maximum PSI is normally indicated in every tire, so make sure you are checking the manufacturer’s recommendation as well.

The size of the front tires usually differs from the rear tires. Generally, front tires measure 15 x 6.00, while rear tires measure 20 x 8.0. Therefore, the tire pressure of the front tires is different from the rear tires. Front tires with this size require 97 kPa (14 psi) tire pressure, while rear tires with 20 x 8.0 require 69 kPa (10 psi) tire pressure.

What happens if I exceed the recommended tire pressure for John Deere D125?

Overinflated tires can cause issues with equilibrium, steering, and power

Overinflation is not good for your tires and your lawn mower. It will affect the equilibrium, steering, and power of your John Deere D125, which will definitely affect your work. It can cause excessive bouncing while mowing, which affects the quality of your cut. It can also cause problems in traction, braking issues, and the risk of a blowout.

What PSI should my John Deere D125 be in the winter?

You may inflate up to 2psi more during winter season

Tire pressure is affected by changing temperatures. It can decrease by about 1 psi for every 10 degrees drop in temperature. Therefore, tire pressure must be maintained to 10 and 14 psi for the usual tire size. It is best to check the tire pressure regularly and inflate it as needed during the winter season. You can inflate up to 2psi more during the cold season or according to the manufacturer’s specifications.