Are Omega cabinets expensive?

By Viet Nguyen Written by Viet Nguyen
Updated on July 11, 2022

Cabinets are among the unskippable pieces of your kitchens. Not only are they very handy for storing kitchen utensils and bowls but they are also very decorative pieces that will elevate the kitchen, adding embellished touches to the room. For that reason, you might want to consider getting the best cabinets for your kitchen. 

Omega cabinets are a popular choice whenever someone asks for a cabinet recommendation. Omega is a cabinetry company based in the US, and it boasts a long and rich history of developments. The company itself first opened over thirty years ago, in a barn in the state of Iowa. Today, the company is a top-tier choice for cabinetry, having gained the trust of customers around the globe. Are Omega cabinets expensive? This article helps you to find the right answer.

How many types of Omega cabinets are there?

Omega cabinets come in many different types, each with a unique set of look as well as construction. Omega cabinets can be divided into different groups through criteria such as door styles, finishes, embellishments, door hoods, etc. Some notable types of Omega cabinets are Adagio cabinets, Aldon cabinets, Anson cabinets, and Artesia cabinets. All of these cabinets boast superb designs that will make them the perfect addition to your kitchen. 

Are Omega cabinets reliable?

Reliability is certainly an important point to consider when you are looking for cabinets to buy, and Omega cabinets certainly will not fail you. Online reviews for Omega cabinets are generally quite positive, especially regarding older pieces that have been released in the last decade. However, reviews regarding their newer products are much less forgiving, with many voicing their anger and disapproval of the company. The primary point of contention seems to be how well these cabinets age. As they age, these cabinets tend to break down more easily, so it seems that the newer pieces are not as well-made as the older ones. 

Are Omega cabinets expensive: Omega vs Shiloh

“Are Omega cabinets expensive?” is a question that many people probably ask when they are trying to find the perfect cabinet for their home. This section will compare the overall costs of Omega cabinets with Shiloh cabinets, another brand of cabinetry that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. 

Omega cabinets can cost more than $22k, depending on the model. This means that the brand can be more expensive than most traditional brands of cabinetry. Shiloh cabinetry can cost somewhere between $20k and $25k, depending on the contractor. 

Are Omega cabinets expensive: Omega vs Kraftmaid

Kraftmaid is also another notable brand of cabinetry, so it is worth comparing the prices between the two brands to see how much Omega cabinets really cost. Compared to Omega cabinets, Kraftmaid cabinets seem to cost much less, as the most expensive estimates for Kraftmaid cabinets cost only $21K. Meanwhile, the usual estimates for most Omega cabinets are from $22k upward. 

Are Omega cabinets expensive: What do the customers say?

From the comparisons above, it seems that Omega cabinets are on the upper end of the scale. Most of their cabinets are more expensive than your usual cabinets, and Omega cabinets are considerably more expensive than cabinets from other brands such as Shiloh or Kraftmaid. However, what do the customers actually have to say about Omega cabinets?

A particular customer said it was well worth the money they spent. The cabinet cost about 50% more than a Kraftmaid cabinet, which should attest to how expensive Omega cabinets really are. The customer also elaborated on why Omega cabinets are more expensive: A combination of high-end craft and more aesthetic options. They said that this was the primary reason why they thought the cabinet was worth the higher price. 

Another customer revealed that they bought a $25k Omega cabinet, and they were not happy at all with the build quality. The boxes were of shoddy quality, and the parts came all loose. The overall quality of the cabinet was so terrible that the customer gave the brand only one star out of 5. 

Another customer had a similarly terrible experience with Omega cabinets. Their cabinet was about $35k, and the company hired a third-party designer to design their cabinet. The designer was not a good one, so the end result was unsatisfactory. They then mailed to the company numerous times, but not a single mail was answered. 

Are Omega cabinets expensive? Judging from customers’ reviews as well as from our research, it seems that Omega cabinets are considerably more expensive than cabinets from the other brands. They are considered to be more beautiful, and there are many more customization options. However, the construction quality of Omega cabinets is often questionable, especially when it comes to the newer models. The older models tend to hold up better due to their superior design. Omega cabinets are certainly expensive, and whether they are worth the price or not is completely up to you.