Carrier Greenspeed Problems

By Viet Nguyen Written by Viet Nguyen
Updated on July 11, 2022

Carrier is a popular brand of HVAC appliances as well as engineering services. The company was founded in 1915, and the founder was the inventor of the first air conditioning appliance in 1905. Since then, the company has been offering excellent HVAC appliances to its customers. 

Greenspeed is one of the company’s top features. It allows HVAC appliances to feature better energy efficiency as well as better performance overall. The system is not entirely perfect, however, and there are numerous reports about problems that inhibit their HVAC appliances. Here are some general problems that you might face, along with the possible fixes for them. 

Carrier Greenspeed problems: Noise issues

Some users have commented about the noise issues that their Carrier Greenspeed appliances make during their operation. One particular customer noted that his Carrier Greenspeed would make very strange whining sounds before it started its defrost cycle. Even though he raised this issue to his installer, they did not give him a satisfactory answer, calling such a noise a normal occurrence. Despite this, he and his neighbor found this behavior particularly odd and abnormal. 

This is not a one-time occurrence, as other users have also pointed out the same problem with Carrier Greenspeed appliances. In most cases, the heat pump would generally stay quiet, but when the heat pump has been running for a while, the noise would kick in. The noise would persist until the appliance has run out of heat or until it has entered defrost mode. Even though many of them did bring up this issue to their installers, the problem persisted. 

As this seems to be a design error, there seems to be no fix for it. The temporary fix is to make your appliance enter defrost mode quicker, which should make the noise go away.

Carrier Greenspeed problems: Freezing issues

Others have also noticed some freezing issues with their Carrier Greenspeed appliance. One customer stated that their Carrier Greenspeed, which was 9 years old at the time, started to vibrate vigorously one day, and it froze regularly at the bottom. The customer did call service staff for a checkup, but nothing conclusive was done. They tried many service companies, but none was able to figure out what the issue was. 

Freezing issues such as this are thankfully rarer than noise issues, so it is likely that you will not encounter this issue that often. When this issue does occur, it would be advisable to get help from the nearest technicians to prevent the situation from deteriorating. 

Carrier Greenspeed problems: Reliability issues

Carrier Greenspeed appliances are generally quite reliable and durable. They have proven to be quite capable of handling different issues from time to time, and they last for a long time before problems start to show up. That said, many customers have pointed out that since Carrier Greenspeed appliances are using cutting-edge technology, it is likely that these appliances are not yet polished to perfection. This means that there could be new problems that baffle even technicians. Other customers also mention the lack of training for technicians as well as installation experts, so your appliances might run into trouble if you don’t have access to trained technicians. 

The best way to avoid this issue is to contact professional and reputable contractors for your appliances’ installation process. Make sure that their technicians know how to handle Carrier Greenspeed problems, so that they can help you with whatever problem that might arise from the appliance. 

Carrier Greenspeed problems: Installation issues

This problem is related to the problem above. Because of the lack of training for technicians as well as installation experts, there are always risks of bad installation work that leaves behind a lot of problems. Installation issues range from the device no longer working properly after a while to occasional breakdowns. 

For installation issues, you should always find reputable contractors to help you with these installations. This will greatly reduce the chance of encountering installation issues. 

Carrier Greenspeed problems: Fire hazard

This is a serious problem that has thankfully been addressed by the company. Carrier Greenspeed appliances were recalled in 2017, as their heat pump was faulty, increasing their likelihood of bursting into flame. These appliances were quickly recalled and repaired, so it is extremely likely that you will not face this problem when you buy a Carrier Greenspeed appliance. 

Carrier Greenspeed appliances are quite reliable choices for most families, but there are also noticeable problems that might disrupt your daily activities as well as your other activities. Carrier Greenspeed problems do not happen that often, and the ones that do are quite easy to fix. To prevent most Carrier Greenspeed problems, choose reputable contractors and buy your Carrier Greenspeed appliances from them. Make sure that their technicians know how to handle these appliances as well. If they did not receive adequate training, it can be hard for them to provide maintenance services to your appliances.