How to Find Azure Flute of Pokemon

By Marequitta Dequito Written by Marequitta Dequito
Updated on August 28, 2023


How to Find Azure Flute of Pokemon

Pokémon, which is the shorter/simpler name or abbreviation for “Pocket Monsters,” is a Japanese media franchise managed by The Pokemon Company (Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures founded this company). Satoshi Tajiri created the franchise in 1996 and the story of the Pokemons is about fictional monster-like creatures that live in the human world.

The creatures live in the wild but sometimes, humans would catch them and place them in a high-tech spherical container that allows them to summon the creatures at will. The players usually use the monsters for sport where they would get them to fight in a ring. The franchise is known for its famous slogan (in English) “Gotta Catch ‘Em All!”. In this article, we will explain how to find Azure Flute of Pokemon.

The Pokemon Game Phenomenon

Satoshi Tajiri actually created the game way back in 1989, albeit with a different concept and name. Tajiri originally wanted to sell and feature his game on Game Boy (a handheld game console). Officially the Pokemon game was released in February 1996 for the same game console, Game Boy. In November 2019, Nintendo released Pokémon Sword and Shield worldwide for its Nintendo Switch console.

A global phenomenon, Pokemon Go became very popular with both young and old people alike, so much so that it got them going to different places to chase monsters. The Pokemon Company also plans to release 2 more core series of the game with their names as follows: Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (November 2021) and Pokémon Legends: Arceus (January 2022), both for the Nintendo Switch.

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What is the Azure Flute?

The Azule Flute, which in Japanese means “Heaven Flute,” is 1 of the 4 event-exclusive Key Items that gamers were supposed to acquire through a Nintendo event in the Sinnoh-based games (but it could also be acquired through other games such as the Secret Key, Member Card, and Oak’s Letter).

The Azule Flute for the Sinno-based games, however, is exclusive to the said event and was not meant to be distributed across other platforms. Players are required to gain access to the Hall of Origin (this is where Arceus is being kept in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum).


Players must use a Mystery Gift in order to receive a Wonder Card with the Azule Flute in it, and this is only for the Arceus event. The Azule Flute must be retrieved from the Poké Mart deliveryman (don’t modify the save file to conveniently add the Azule Flute to the Bag, because this will have no effect on the flag that activated the event). Another requirement is for players to enter the Hall of Fame in order to acquire the National Pokédex, and only then can they use the Azule Flute.

Upon reaching the top of Mt. Coronet where the Spear Pillar is located, the player must step 1 tile north from the entrance, and then the Azule Flute will be unlocked and allow the player to play it. It is said that the flute releases an eerie otherworldly tune that no one has ever heard before.

After this, the tune will reload the Spear Pillar map with a steep staircase that leads to the Hall of Origin and if the player plays it at the Spear Pillar, then the “The Azure Flute echoed hollowly…” message will also appear. If the player is successful in knocking out Arceus, then they can use the Azule Flute once more to summon him again and fight by their side.


The Azule Flute is a special item that can be used to unlock many unique features of the game like Arceus, gateways to another level in the game, and even summon Arceus to the player’s own fighter. The Azureflute looks like a human heart and the protruding arteries are where the wind escapes creating an echoing sound that is unearthly to hear. Also, no one knows who made the flute.

Why the Azure Flute was Never Released?

Unfortunately, the Azule Flute was never distributed and despite all its promise on how it can radically change the game, players never had the opportunity to use it, let alone see it. In an interview with Nintendo World Report in 2013, Junichi Masuda stated that as per his assessment, he deemed the Azule Flute as “too confusing for players to use,” thus the decision was reached not to release it.

Many Pokémon game patrons were disappointed with this decision and expressed their sentiments on online discussion forums wishing the game developers released it as promised.

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The Takeaway

After all that’s said and done, many players and critics think that The Pokémon Company should have released the Azule Flute and allowed gamers to enjoy its features and benefits. This would have definitely raised the stakes in the game and would have made it more interesting to play it. Still, Junichi Masuda said that it is pointless to cry over spilled milk as they will be making more items like it for players to enjoy in the future.