Is A Touch of Darkness a Standalone?

By Rakib Sarwar Written by Rakib Sarwar
Updated on August 21, 2023

In the world of literature, there are standalone novels and then there are series. While standalone novels can certainly be enjoyable, many readers prefer to read a series because they enjoy following the characters and plot over time. On a few occasions, some readers ask, is ‘A Touch of Darkness’ a standalone?

A Touch of Darkness by Katie Reinders is a standalone novel. It does not have any sequels or prequels, but there are some companion novels that explore different characters in the same world as A Touch of Darkness. 

In this blog post, I’ll explore whether or not A Touch of Darkness is successful as a standalone and discuss what works and what doesn’t in order to answer that question.

What is A Touch of Darkness all about?

The novel is about a girl named Emmaline Troy, who is a descendant of Medusa. She has spent her whole life being bullied for this fact and she has just found out that the monster she had been told about her entire life actually does exist. In order to defeat it, she needs to find some magical items that have been lost in time.

The novel is comprised of Emmaline, her best friend Taffy (Tiffany), and her love interest Kevin. The novel also features several secondary characters, such as Principal Rembert, who is the villain in this story.

A Touch of Darkness falls into the category of young adult fiction and has several tropes that are common in paranormal romances: a new girl at school, an attractive love interest, and an ancient evil villain who must be defeated. Even with these tropes, A Touch of Darkness is unique enough to stand out from other paranormal romances.

​​Is A Touch of Darkness a series?

Yes. There are other books by Katie Reinders that take place in this universe.

A Touch Of Darkness is the first book in The Shadows Series. There are currently four books published with two more coming soon! The latest release date for book 4 is unknown at the moment.

In A Touch of Darkness, Emma moves to a new town with her dad and brother after an embarrassing incident involving a boy that she loved. While trying to adjust to a new school and a new friend, she becomes interested in a charming guy who lives next door. Their budding romance is complicated by the fact that he is a vampire.

Is there a sequel to A Touch of Darkness?

No. A Touch of Darkness is a standalone novel. There are four books in the Shadows series but they each follow different characters. The latest release date for book 4 is unknown at the moment.

If you like A Touch of Darkness, I recommend reading The Shadows Series by Katie Reinders.

Is 'A Touch of Darkness' A Standalone?

Is A Touch of Darkness the same as Twilight?

No. There are many differences between these two books, but the most important one is that Twilight is a series and A Touch of Darkness is standalone.

Is A Touch of Darkness spicy?

No. A Touch of Darkness is a clean young adult fantasy romance novel that is appropriate for teens and older audiences. There may be some mild language and brief mentions of violence, but these elements are not prevalent throughout the story.

Is A Touch of Darkness on Wattpad?

No. A Touch of Darkness is written by author Michelle Muto and published by Reines Ink Press LLC. It is not available for reading online for free.

A Touch of Darkness is a standalone novel, but there may be more stories in this world. The story is about Delaney who moves to a new town and discovers her family has a dark secret. She also finds herself attracted to the one person she’s not supposed to want. This book is definitely spicy with lots of tension and romance.