Is AbeBooks Legit?

The legitimacy of the store is a great factor for buyers to decide whether to buy or not. It is also a key factor in any kind of business to succeed and to have more costumer in the future. AbeBooks is a subsidiary of Amazon that offers used books, magazines and periodicals, manuscripts, maps, photographs, fine art, prints, and posters through seven websites in more than fifty countries worldwide. You can find a wide variety of literary products from the website, which is usually the cheapest in the market. Order will be sent directly from the bookseller to the buyer. 

Many consumers doubt the legitimacy of AbeBooks because it’s super cheap compared to others in the market. Though it seems that prices are too-good-to-be-true, AbeBooks is a reputable and legit company. However, not all sellers are legitimate. Therefore, it is best to check the seller’s rating before purchasing anything.

Is AbeBooks Legit?

How reliable is

Just like any other e-commerce platform like eBay, AbeBooks similarly has issues with scammers. However, if we talk about perse, we could say that they are a reliable and reputable e-commerce business. You can always check specific bookseller ratings to know the reliability of an individual vendor. You can also review the offer and check if it is too-good- to-be-true. Know the red flags when the offer is a bit shady. 

Is AbeBooks owned by Amazon? 

Abebooks has been around since 1996. In December 2008, Amazon acquired Abebooks after 12 years of being around in the e-commerce business. Dr. Hannes Blum, the CEO of AbeBooks, sent correspondence to its booksellers to announce the acquisition of Amazon Inc. However, it was made clear in the press release that the company would continue to operate as a stand-alone business.

Is AbeBooks a great offer or a bad scam? 

Although AbeBooks doesn’t receive a high rating in several surveys online, AbeBooks continues to offer great deals. Most of their sellers are legit book antiquarians and legit business owners. Books offered are relatively lower than many in the market. Therefore, consider the condition of the book when it is cheaper. Set your expectations about the quality of the book. Sometimes, copies are fairly beaten up or have some annotations in it.

In conclusion, to say whether AbeBooks offers a great or a bad scam depends on the reliability of a bookseller and the quality of the item. Hence, review the seller’s rating before continuing the purchase. Also, it is important to consider the price and remember the rule of thumb, ‘you got what you pay for’.

Reviews of AbeBooks on Reddit

Most of the reviews posted on Reddit show above 50% satisfactory rate for AbeBooks. Registered Reddit members upvoted for Reddit reliability and still believe that AbeBooks is a trustworthy and reputable company. A big percentage of the Reddit community believes that AbeBooks is still one of the best and cost-efficient way to own a book that you need.

Reviews of AbeBooks on SiteJabber 

According to Sitejabber, AbeBooks has a consumer rating of 1.79 stars from 561 reviews showing that the majority of the consumers are dissatisfied with their purchases.  They mostly complain about poor customer service and credit card issues.

Reviews of AbeBooks on SiteJabber 
Reviews of AbeBooks on SiteJabber 

Reviews of Abebooks on TrustPilot

Trustpilot rated AbeBooks with 2.3 stars out of 5, indicating that generally, customers are unhappy with their shopping experience with AbeBooks. Top comments included delays in shipment, issues with the seller canceling the order, and the order did not arrive at all. There are very few pleased customers that gave 4 and 5- stars ratings.

Reviews of AbeBooks on Yelp

Despite having the most affordable price in the market, Abebooks got a 1.5 rating from 156 responders on Yelp. Most complaints include delays in shipment, seller errors such as sending incorrect items, poor customer service, and dishonest sellers. With its current rating, we can conclude that the general population of Abebooks consumers aren’t happy about their experience with the e-commerce platform. 

Reviews of Abebooks on Influenster 

Unlike other review websites, Abebooks got a good rating from with 4.4. rating from 373 responders, indicating satisfaction from their consumers. Generally, consumers commended the affordability of the books you can buy from Abebooks. They are satisfied with the quality of the books they got at a more affordable price. Some also commended the store’s fast transaction and delivery of the item. Most consumers are students looking for more affordable books for their studies.

What are the common AbeBooks problems?

AbeBooks offers most of the best deals for literary pieces such as old books, rare collections, arts, etc. It is also a great platform to sell your pre-loved books and collectibles conveniently. However, they still receive a bad rating from some consumers. Both buyers and booksellers mostly complain about poor customer service, tracking numbers, shipping issues, and business days trouble.  There are huge profit losses for sellers because of the fees associated with the platform. AbeBooks commission is high from its sellers. Sellers have to pay a monthly membership fee of $25 and a fee of 13.5%. Sellers also pay a 5.5% transaction fee and cash-out processing fee.