Master Alvin

By Dianne Catapang Written by Dianne Catapang
Updated on April 3, 2022

The tales of Alvin Maker is a book series that was published first between1987 up to 2003. Today, the author is attempting a comeback by making another sequel.

Master Alvin is the seventh book in the Tales of Alvin Maker series. It is also the last book of the series and is currently not released and published yet. 

Master Alvin

What is the Master Alvin Book About?

Master Alvin is the continuation of Alvin Miller’s story from the last published book, The Crystal City. No rumors and speculations are circulating on what Master Alvin is all about. 

The title is the only clue for the readers in what the story might be about. It might be about how Alvin has become the ‘master’ of the city he created. 

It is also possible that the story will focus on Alvin Miller’s rule and how he maintains and protects his established place. There’s a lot of possible focus of the new book, especially the supposedly last series volume. 

All the readers have to do is wait until any announcements from its author are available. 

Master Alvin

Who Wrote the Master Alvin Book? 

The same author of the whole Alvin Maker series book is also writing the Master Alvin book. Orson Scott Card is a well-known writer for his science fiction works. 

He was born on April 24, 1951, currently 70 years old, in Richland, Washington, US. Aside from the Alvin Maker series, he also wrote the ‘Ender’s Game’ and ‘Speaker for the Dead.’ 

Ender’s game novel also had a movie adaptation in which he became its co-producer. It was released in theaters in 2013 and earned 125.5 million US dollars at the box office. 

He won the Hugo award and the Nebula award in consecutive years because of Ender’s Game novel and its sequel. The Hugo award is an award for best science fiction novel with 40,000 words or more.

Also, the Nebula award is given by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) for science fiction or fantasy novels. Apart from his accomplishments, there are also issues and controversies that he faced as a writer. 

The Card is an open anti-homosexual opposer, and he supports laws against same-sex marriage and any homosexual acts. Many readers of the LGBT community have not received his thoughts and essays about this. 

It also affected his works. He became a guest author of a DC Comics Superman series in 2013. 

His views made the lead illustrator quit that time. Utilize the best computerized camera that you can find for your fake id photo A committed computerized camera or DSLR camera will quite often create the best outcomes. Numerous cutting edge cell phones can imitate the nature of top notch advanced cameras, yet watch out. Only one out of every odd cell phone can take a sufficiently high quality photograph. On the off chance that you should utilize a cell phone, guarantee that it takes photographs with no less than 8 MP of goal. After that, many online petitioners wanted to take the story down. 

Not only that, a non-profit LGBT organization called Geeks OUT wanted to boycott Ender’s Game movie because of his ‘anti-gay’ perspective. Then, the studio that owns the movie Lionsgate has stayed away from Card’s influences as a result. 

Today, it is unknown how well most of the audience will receive his new book. There’s a possibility that many readers will not give a warm welcome to his new work.

However, no one can tell but time if it will succeed like Card’s previous works.

Master Alvin

What Volume is Master Alvin in the Alvin Maker Series?

There are currently six volumes of the Alvin Maker Series published and released. Now, it can become seven volumes when the Master Alvin novel is published. 

The first volume of the series is the Seventh Son, published in 1987. The Seventh Son also won the Locus Award in 1988 and became nominated for the Hugo and World Fantasy awards in the same year. 

Next is the Red Prophet, the second volume of the series. It was a Nebula award nominee back in 1988, a Locus award winner in 1988, and a Hugo award nominee in 1989.

After the Red Prophet, Prentice Alvin was published and won the Locus award again. Then, Alvin Journeyman and Heartfire were next. 

And finally, The Crystal City was published in 2003. 

Master Alvin

When is the Release of the Master Alvin Book?

The release of the Master Alvin book is currently unknown. All information that some readers know is that the Master Alvin book is still in progress. 

There is also no new news and rumors of its release yet. 

Is There an Alvin Maker Series Movie?

There’s no Alvin Maker series movie as of now. Also, there is no news about its production either. 

Orson Scott Card has been involved in controversies in the past. It made the movie adaptation of his book ‘Ender’s Game’ petitioned to be boycotted. 

The controversy might have made an impact on his movie production career. It’s possible that movie production companies won’t be interested in making more movie adaptations of Card’s books. 

Many Alvin Maker series fans and readers may not see an Alvin Maker series movie anytime soon.