Piranesi Ending: What Does It Mean

By Dianne Catapang Written by Dianne Catapang
Updated on August 31, 2023

Piranesi is one of the most well-received fantasy novels by many readers. And it’s a story worth reading for many from start to end. Read on to learn more about the Piranesi ending.

The ending in Piranesi depicts a lot of things comparing things about the real world and the world the character is in. The last lines, ‘The Beauty of the House is immeasurable; its kindness infinite,’ were also interpreted differently.

Piranesi Ending

What is the Piranesi Ending?

The ending in Piranesi is where a detective asks Piranesi to return to the homeworld. He encountered the opposite of the statues’ representations in the ‘house.’

After that, he learned to appreciate every encounter he remembers while staying in his previous homeworld. Piranesi describes and says that his previous home has immeasurable beauty and infinite kindness.

What was Piranesi About?

The story of Piranesi is about how he lives in a place called the ‘house’ that some can compare to a prison. Most individuals are not comfortable thinking that they are in prison.

However, it is not the same for Piranesi. He learned to love the place where he is. 

He also convinced himself that it is rhythmic and a beautiful place in itself. The House is a world with infinite halls with statues that are different. 

A character called ‘the Other’ is also present when Piranesi meets to search for the ‘great secret knowledge’ somewhere in the House. Also, the Other gives Piranesi supplies from outside the ‘house’ from time to time. 

The story continues with Piranesi exploring some parts of the ‘house’ while meeting others. As the story progresses, he discovers some truth that reveals another world that he has not seen before. 

Is Piranesi a Sequel?

Piranesi is not a sequel to any story from other books. Bloomsbury published the book in 2020 and Susanna Clarke wrote it as a story of its own. 

It is, however, the second novel Clarke has done after Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell that was published way back in 2004. 

Is Piranesi a Scary Book?

It depends on how a reader interprets it as scary. Still, Piranesi is not in a horror or thriller genre, and most readers may not find it scary.

However, the setting of Piranesi’s story is not common in its genre. Some readers may find it weird or spooky the way they described it. 

Also, some readers of Piranesi were surprised by how things unfold in the story later on. They said that they feel a bit uneasy while still interested in reading.

Piranesi Ending

How Long is Piranesi?

The whole book of Piranesi is made up of 272 pages and is available as a hard copy and ebook. The time it will take to finish the story is also different among its readers. 

There is an estimate of how long it takes for a regular reader to finish a book. An average reader can finish a 500-page book in 2 weeks.

Also, if a reader continuously reads a 500-page book, they will finish it within 2-3 days. You can guess how long it can take for a reader to finish Piranesi from this information.

It is most probable for an average Piranesi reader to finish the book within a week. But for the continuous readers, 1-2 days will be enough.

Still, remember that all of the numbers above are estimations and do not provide the most accurate information. Every reader is different, and they can read books either slowly or fast. 

What Genre is Piranesi?

The genre of Piranesi is Fantasy Fiction. The story’s setting alone gives its readers an idea of its genre.

Fantasy fiction stories in books are almost always set in an imaginary world. Sometimes, writers may also include real people, events, and locations. 

However, the most common in fantasy fiction literature is the supernatural and mythological creatures present. Also, the genre is not limited to any readers of different ages. 

What Does the Ending of Piranesi Mean? The Piranesi Ending Explained

The ending of Piranesi can be interpreted in many ways, but there’s a common interpretation among the readers. Most of them said that he finally reconciled his love for the House to possibly another world. 

Their interpretation continues as Piranesi understands and recognizes that everything he can find in another world can also be represented by something in the House. Some readers also say that Piranesi thought that everything is part of the House and is a reflection and extension. 

Finally, Piranesi is joyful that he realizes all of this in the end and stays in his most familiar place, called the House. 

Piranesi Ending - Cover of the Book

What Do the Statues Represent in Piranesi?

Statues in Piranesi don’t directly tell the readers what they represent. The readers will be the ones who will think about what they represent. 

Still, a common idea of readers is that they represent the knowledge gained by people over time. And since the statues are always different and never-ending, the quest for knowledge in real life is also the same. 

Was Piranesi Kidnapped?

Yes. Piranesi was kidnapped by ‘the Other’ and brought into ‘the house.’

Still, Piranesi doesn’t remember that it happened and thinks that he’s always lived there his whole life. He forgot because of how the place messes up one’s state of mind when living there for a long time.