AMC 12 Statistics

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Updated on April 1, 2022

The American Mathematics Contest or AMC-12 is one of the three levels of the AMC test for grades 9 and 10. Just like AMC-10, the AMC-12 is a 75-minute exam with 25 multiple-choice items, which covers secondary school mathematics in preparation for calculus concepts. Students are scored according to the correct answers. For every correct answer, the equivalent is 6 points, 1.5 points for items left blank, and 0 points for incorrect answers. Thus, a 25 items score would be 150. The top student will be qualified to join the American Invitational Mathematics Examination or AIME. 

In the recent AMC-12, the average score of AMC 12A was 59.63, and AMC 12B was 56.57. The result shows a significant drop in the average score from last spring’s result, with an average score of 65.53 for AMC 10A and 62.31 for AMC 10B.

What is the average score for AMC 12 2021?

Latest AMC-12 average score is 63.52 for A and 57.17 for B

In the latest AMC-12 held last November of 2021, AMC-12A’s average score is 63.52, and AMC-12 B’s average score is 57.17. The report shows a drop of 6.35 from the first batch of takers in the fall season. In the Spring of 2021, the first batch of AMC got an average score of 67.42, while the second batch got 61.55.

How many students got the average score in 2021?

Less than 50% of all 4 batches have reached the average score. 

  • AMC-12 A (January 30, 2021)- out of 16,880 participants, only 8,299 have reached the average score of 67.42, which is roughly 49.16% of the total participants. 
  • AMC-12 B (February 05, 2021)– out of 13,668 participants, there are 6,736 who have reached the 61.55 average score, which is roughly 49.28% of the total participants. 
  • AMC-12 A (November 10, 2021)- out of 21,006 participants, there are 9,025 who have reached the 63.52 average score, which is roughly 42.96% of the total participants. 
  • AMC-12 B (November 16, 2021)- out of 18,499 participants, there are 8,090who have reached the 57.17 average score, which is roughly 43.73% of the total participants. 

Every batch has a different set of questions, which affects the changing behavior of the rates of students who were able to get the average score. Each year, AMC-12 ramps up to more challenging questions. Therefore, it is paramount to have a good preparation before taking a test. 

How many students got below average score in 2021?

More than fifty percent of the combined number of participants get lower than the average score

  • AMC-12 A (January 30, 2021)- 8,581 or 50.83% of participants got below-average scores (67.42). 
  • AMC-12 B (February 05, 2021)-6,932 or 50.71% of participants got below-average scores (61.55). 
  • AMC-12 A (November 10, 2021)-11,981 or 57.03% of participants got below-average scores (63.52).
  • AMC-12 B (November 16, 2021)-10,409 or 56.26% of participants got below-average scores (57.17). 

This report shows that more than half of the participants got below the average score and still struggled to ace the competition. In the official result from the Mathematical Association of America dashboard, 3,055 students got zero in AMC-12, which means a lot of students have challenges in Mathematics and need improvement in either their class curriculum or students study habits. 

How many earned a perfect score in AMC 12 2021?

48 students across the world got a perfect score in AMC-12 

Out of 70,053 participants in 2021, 0.06% or 48 students earned a perfect score in the AMC-12. These students are automatically qualified to take the American Invitation Mathematics Examination (AIME). And since they belong to the top 5% of scorers on the AMC 12, they will be qualified to join the prestige Math Olympiad. Also, they will be awarded and receive a plaque for acing the competition. 

Which country had the highest number of perfect scores?

United States of America had the highest number of perfect scores across all batches in AMC-12 2021

AMC-12 is offered in the US, Canada, Guam, and Puerto Rico. Among these countries, the United States ranked number one with the highest number of students who earned a perfect score. Most top students came from the state of California.

Grade and Gender Average in AMC 12

Male average score is higher than females 

In the most recent AMC-12, grade 8 participants earned the highest average score of 71.52, both male and female worldwide. The report also show that males earned higher score than female participants, with overall average score of 60.67 vs. 51.61 points for female. 

What is a good score on AMC 12?

Good score in AMC-12 is 86 to 95 points

AMC-12 is one the exams needed to be qualified to a higher-level math competition, like AIME and IMO. To be qualified in these prestige math competitions, scorer must earn around 86 to 95 points out of 150 points of AMC-12, which correspond to the top 5% of the scorers.