The Distinction Between 5mm and 7mm Pen Points

By Ron Wamumali Written by Ron Wamumali
Updated on April 2, 2022

Pens have been around since writing was invented several thousand years ago. And, as expected, a lot has taken place in terms of evolution; all in the name of making writing a much easier, more enjoyable experience. It’s quite hard to imagine that we now have efficient ballpoint pens when quills were still in use under two centuries ago. Today, we’ve got pens with 5mm tips with astonishing archive quality, meaning they can last up to three years without use and the ink inside will still be fresh.

A black 5mm ballpoint pen

As a result of such remarkable advancements, pen enthusiasts from around the world couldn’t help but have a lot of questions as a result of lots of comparisons. One such popular question means to differentiate between the 5mm and 7mm ballpoint pens on several issues. While the differences are minimal, it’s quite easy for a trained eye to tell them apart with ease. For instance, one of the main points in the 5mm vs 7mm debate is the thickness of their respective lines. continue reading to find out other slight differences we’re focusing on in this article. But first, let’s kick things off by determining which one of these two popular pen points is thicker.

5mm vs 7mm: Which of these ballpoints is thicker?

Perhaps the most common question that most newbie pen enthusiasts tend to ask is which one between the 5mm and 7mm ballpoints is thicker. Well, the answer to that question is the 7mm ballpoint. The fact that it’s slightly thicker than the 5mm ballpoint allows the 7mm ballpoint to create thicker lines thanks to a much more generous ink flow.

A red 7mm ballpoint pen

The 7mm ballpoint being thicker makes it perfect for drawing as the resulting diagrams are much more visible. In case you’d want to draw diagrams that are much more visible using ballpoint pens, then I’d strongly recommend choosing between the 9mm and the 13mm ballpoint pens. Any ballpoints between 9mm and 13mm are among the thickest on the market.

5mm vs 7mm: Which of these two ball pens is better?

Another plausible question that many pen enthusiasts can’t help but raise is which between the 5mm and the 7mm ballpoint is better. Well, it’s hard to say because both are designed for different purposes. For instance, the 5mm ballpoint is much better for writing due to its narrowness while the 7mm ballpoint is best suited for drawing because of its thickness.

What do you consider when choosing between the 5mm and 7mm pen points?

They’re quite a few things you’ll need to consider before heading out to buy either a 5mm or a 7mm ballpoint pen. One of those things you’ll have to consider is none other than price. It’s no secret that different pens, even those under the same brand, cost differently. For instance, the cheapest Pilot G2 Ball Point Pen goes for around $1, while the most expensive ones cost upwards of $25.

So, where does the difference comes about? The answer to the latter question comes in a single word – features. That said, the more expensive pens, the more convenient features it has. It, therefore, goes without saying that taking the time to study all the features is as important as considering your purchasing power.

A blue 5mm ballpoint pen

Personal preference is another thing you’ll need to take an in-depth look at. While most people prefer efficiency and/or trends over their personal preference, it’s a known fact that the chosen few who go for what they like are happier, more productive lot. The latter seems to be the case since you’ll enjoy using it all the time.

Finally, it’s wise always to go for pens that are famed for their durability, whether it’s a 5mm or a 7mm ballpoint pen. Spending on a pen you’ll use for years to come will almost always save you a lot of money than using a cheaper brand that you’ll have to replace every couple of weeks. A pen is like an investment, which is why you should invest wisely.

What’s the 5-mm ballpoint pen best suited for?

As I mentioned earlier, the 5mm ballpoint pen is best suited for writing. The latter explains why many students and teachers around the world prefer it over the 7mm ballpoint pen. The 5mm makes writing fast and at the same time, its ink economy is on point.

What’s the 7mm ballpoint pen best suited for?

The 7mm pen point, again, as I mentioned before, is best suited for drawing. The latter is due to having a thicker ink distribution which makes the lines of any diagrams more visible compared to the lines drawn by the 5mm ballpoint pen.

5mm vs 7mm: Which is the most preferred ballpoint between the two?

While both the 5mm and the 7mm ballpoint pens are known for their efficiency, the former tends to be more popular than the latter. This is attributed to the fact that they’re more people who write than there’re who draw. That said, there’re some cases where folks preferred the 7mm ballpoint pen for writing and the 5mm ballpoint pen for drawing.