Best Printer Paper for Fountain Pen: The Top Choices

By Jean Santiago Written by Jean Santiago
Updated on September 19, 2023

For writing enthusiasts, finding the best printer paper for fountain pen is not always easy. Paper companies don’t seem to make a big deal about what is compatible with fountain pens and what isn’t, but there are some types that work better than others. Using the right printer paper can make a significant difference in the quality of the final output. 

To find the best printer paper for fountain pens, you need to check a few things. The first is the weight of the paper. Heavier papers are generally better for fountain pens because they don’t bleed through as easily. The second thing to look for is the texture of the paper. Some papers are very smooth and will cause your ink to pool on the page, while others are more absorbent and will help your ink dry faster.

In this article, we will explore the top choices for printer paper that work exceptionally well with fountain pens.

What is the Best Printer Paper for Fountain Pen?

Here are the recommended papers that you are going to use for your fountain pens. Take note that the following list of the best printer paper for fountain pen is not ranked or ordered. 

Tomoe River

Sounds Japanese right? That’s because it is made by a Japanese manufacturer.

The Tomoe River paper is popular because of its silk-like smoothness. Even if the paper is thin, about 52 g/m^2, it is very durable and resistant to inks. They are durable but you need to be careful when handling them. The papers easily crinkle but they don’t rip or break easily. 

They come in two colors, white and ivory. You don’t need to worry about feathering because it does not happen in Tomoe River. Your ink might bleed through it but only in very rare instances.

The downside is that show though happens a lot seeing how thin the paper is, it is bound to happen anyway. The paper’s dry time is very long since Tomoe paper is ink-resistant. Lastly, the price is a bit steep; 100 sheets for $15 but seeing your handwriting on the paper is worth it.


If you are a long-time fountain pen enthusiast, you might have heard of Rhodia. The brand is known for its staple-bound pads with perforated sheets. It is known for its smooth glass-like surface and superior ink resistance.

Rhodia is about the same as copy paper when it comes to thickness it is 80g/m^2 but of course, its quality is higher. 

The only color that is available is white, unfortunately. That said, it does perform rather well, regardless of the color of your ink.

Feathering and bleeding are also non-existent in this paper when used with fountain pens but you have to be careful with other types of pens because it might show feathering, especially with flex pens.

Show-through is very minimal even though the Rhodia is as thick as a copy paper.  When it comes to drying time, this paper does take a bit longer since it has ink resistance.

Rhodia has a range of sizes including A4 and A5. Price is around $14.5 for an A4 pad with 80 sheets.

Clairefontaine Triomphe

If you want to achieve the same quality as Rhodia but need thicker paper, then Clairefontaine is the right choice.

The Clairefontaine Triomphe’s smoothness is also the same as Rhodia’s. Clairefontaine and Rhodia are under the same manufacturing company so quality is out of the question. The thickness of the paper is 90g/m^2 which means it’s thicker than a regular copy paper. 

Color availability is the same with Rhodia, only in white. Feathering is non-existent even when used with flex pens. Bleed-through is not a problem with this paper so you have to calm your bleed-through worries.

Show-though, on the other hand, is minimal in comparison to the other papers mentioned because of its thickness. Its dry time is the same as Rhodia. Sizes are also the same, ranging from pocket-sized pads to A4.

The only downside is the price. For a pad with 50 sheets, you need to shell out $9 for the Clairefontain paper.

HP Laser Paper

HP is very popular with their laptops and printers, you have to know that they have many options for photo and printer paper.

You might be wondering why a regular copy paper is on this list, you have to treat HP’s “Premium Laser” line as an exception and it might surprise you. Its smoothness is on the okay level but not as smooth as Clairfontaine.

HP’s paper works well with fountain pens, though. They come with various surface coatings that range from 24lb to 32lb. 

The color is limited to only bright white. For feathering issues, it is generally not except when used with flex pens. It features zero bleed-through for a paper that is used for printing.

Show-through also is non-existent except when used with wet flex pens. HP Laser paper is available in a standard US Letter size. A 500 sheets ream price ranges from $14.99 to $19.99. This price for the paper is an absolute bang for the buck deal. 

Hammermill Printer Paper

Before we end our list of the best weight printer paper for fountain pens, we give you the Hammermill printer paper. The company’s been producing some of the finest quality printer papers, which is why it’s so popular.

Their paper is available in different sizes, suitable for any kind of application. If you are a fountain pen writer, the various options can serve you well with their exceptional qualities.

Hammermill’s paper possesses a remarkable manufacturing quality. They’re also extremely smooth, making writing very easy and soothing.

One of the best things about Hammermill paper is that it is based on an acid-free formula, which is quite helpful. The sheets are also free from such feathering and bleeding, which makes them an excellent choice. Each ream contains 500 sheets, which is enough for students and hobby writers.

Which of the above is your favorite paper for a fountain pen? Check out our blog to learn more about the best printer paper for fountain pen.

Best Printer Paper for Fountain Pen: Summing Up

Choosing the right printer paper for fountain pen use can greatly enhance your printing experience. The final output will significantly benefit from the smoothness, resistance to feathering and bleed-through, and overall quality of the paper. From premium brands like Rhodia and Clairefontaine to more budget-friendly options like HP and Hammermill, there are various choices available to suit different preferences and budgets.

Experiment with different papers to find the one that best suits your needs and enjoy the pleasure of using a fountain pen on high-quality printer paper.