How to Get Verified on Instagram: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Updated on July 27, 2023

Instagram serves as a strong and inspiring social media platform for connecting with others. However, it has also attracted scammers who take advantage of its user-friendly nature and personal data, leading to staggering losses of $770 million in 2021, as per Federal Trade Commission. To protect ourselves, we must remain cautious and informed. This article provides an original and easy-to-follow Step-by-Step Guide on how to get verified on Instagram. By obtaining the coveted blue checkmark, your account gains authenticity and trustworthiness, opening doors to exciting opportunities.

How to get Verified on Instagram

How to Get Verified on Instagram in 2023?

Unlock your online credibility! Request verification on social media platforms to obtain a prestigious badge. This guide ensures compliance with requirements. Let’s get verified this 2023!

Step 1: Login and Access 

Your Profile Login and locate your profile by tapping your profile picture at the bottom right.

Step 2: Go to Settings 

Within the profile section, tap the three-dot or three-line icon at the top right for additional settings.

Step 3: Find Account Settings 

In the settings menu, tap “Settings” or “Settings and Privacy.”

Step 4: Select Account Type and Tools 

Look for the professional account category to find verification tools.

Step 5: Request Verification 

Within the professional account section, tap “Request Verification” to start the process.

Step 6: Provide Required Information 

Enter your full name and submit the necessary identification documents as instructed.

Step 7: Submit Your Request 

Review the details and tap “Submit” to send your verification request.

Step 8: Check the Activity Section 

Within 30 days, you’ll receive a notification in the Activity section for the verification status update.

Steps in Request for verification on Instagram

What are the criteria for Instagram verification?

  1. Authenticity- Represent a real person, business, or entity.
  2. Uniqueness- Have a distinct presence, with only one account per person or business.
  3. Completeness-Maintain a public account with a bio, profile photo, and regular activity.
  4. Notability- Be well-known and featured in multiple news sources.

Meeting these criteria does not guarantee verification, as Instagram has final discretion. Additional undisclosed factors may also be considered. 

What documents are required for Instagram verification?

To verify your Instagram account, you’ll likely need to provide these documents:

  1. Government-issued Photo ID- Valid ID with your full name and photo.
  2. Official Business Documents- For brands, submit tax filings, utility bills, or registration certificates.
  3. Media Coverage- Include articles or interviews showcasing your public figure status.
  4. Awards or Recognitions- Submit proof of notable achievements or industry honors.

Remember, Instagram’s verification requirements may change, so refer to their official guidelines for the latest information.

Does the number of followers affect the ability to get verified? 

Yes, the number of followers can be a factor in the Instagram verification process. 

The number is not the sole determining factor. While having a substantial number of followers can contribute to your eligibility, Instagram also considers other criteria, such as authenticity, uniqueness, completeness, and notability. 

Having a significant follower count can help demonstrate your influence and prominence on the platform, but it’s essential to meet the other criteria as well. Instagram aims to verify accounts that are notable and widely recognized, regardless of follower count.

How many followers do you need to get verified on Instagram?

The specific follower count required for Instagram verification is undisclosed. 

While a significant following is beneficial, other factors like authenticity and notability are considered. You can pursue verification with zero or a small number of followers by showcasing notable achievements, media coverage, or industry recognition. Instagram does not specify the minimum follower count for verification. Focus on building a genuine presence, demonstrating influence, and meeting eligibility criteria beyond follower count.

Can I get verified on Instagram with fake followers (or followers I purchased)?

No, it is not possible to get verified on Instagram with fake followers or purchased followers. 

Instagram’s verification process is designed to authenticate real individuals, businesses, or entities. Engaging in deceptive practices, such as using fake followers, can result in the removal of verification badges, account suspension, or other penalties as it goes against Instagram’s Community Guidelines. Building an authentic and engaged follower base through organic means is essential to increase your chances of Instagram verification. 

fake followers

Are there alternatives to the official Instagram Verification? 

Indeed, an alternative to the official Instagram Verification exists. But beware, it offers no long-term guarantee for the badge. Instagram holds the authority to remove verified badges at any moment and might even disable your account if you try a third-party verification. The official verification process is straightforward, no need for extra efforts seeking alternatives.

Instagram violation

Why do some accounts NOT get verified?

Here are some reasons for Non-Verification on Instagram:

  1. Not meeting criteria (authenticity, uniqueness, completeness, notability).
  2. Insufficient proof of identity or notability.
  3. Violation of guidelines (fake followers, spam promotion).
  4. Competitive landscape and prioritization of notable accounts.
  5. Limited availability of verifications in certain categories or regions.

Note: Instagram’s verification process is discretionary, and building a credible and engaged presence is important regardless of verification status.


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