Best Non-Gel Pen 2022

By Jean Santiago Written by Jean Santiago
Updated on August 5, 2023

If you’re looking for the best non-gel pen, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the best non-gel pens on the market, based on our own extensive research.

The best non-gel pens are typically made with a high-quality material that doesn’t smudge or fade easily. They also come with a comfortable grip and provide a smooth writing experience.

What is the Best Non-Gel Pen in 2022?

When it comes to non-gel pens, there are a few different types to choose from. Here are the best non smudge gel pens in 2022.

Uniball Jetstream

A ballpoint pen for everyday writing, the Uniball Jetstream is ideal for your personal and professional needs.

Its 0.7 fine-point tip combined with its comfortable embossed velvety grip and sleek stainless steel body with a convenient clip which is very handy wherever you go make its quality stand out. Add the fact that it has the uni super ink, a quick-drying ink that dries in 3 seconds.

It also repels smudging and protects you against water fading and check washing. The latter refers to a fraudulent act where scammers wash the checks in a chemical to remove the ink and change what is written on them. 

Pilot Multi Ball Rollerball Pen

The Pilot Multi Ball Rollerball Pen is a non-gel pen that comes in rich colors of black, red, blue, light blue, green, pink, and orange.

This pen also features amazing versatility – you can use it to write on glass, plastic, metal, cloth, and washi tape, which makes it highly preferred by mixed media artists.

Also, the Pilot Multi Ball Rollerball Pen is eco-friendly, composed of 77% recycled plastic. Its body has a rubber grip which allows every user to control the stroke more and the fine tip is .34mm.

That said, its pen mark when written on slick surfaces may take 6 hours before it dries up and becomes permanent.

Parker IM Rollerball

Backed up by 125 years of Parker brand heritage, this rollerball pen is an ideal partner to leave a lasting impression and give a memorable gift as it is crafted with an elegant black lacquer body accented in striking chrome trim.

Other varieties of the Parker IM Rollerball include blue, blue-gray, white, brushed metal, and light purple.

Its smooth rollerball tip provides a consistent flow of ink and skip-free writing, making it dependable at all times. Its stainless steel nib is striking for its resistance and durability at all times.

Zebra Blen Ballpoint Pens

This Japanese-designed pen was elegantly developed for comfort as proven by its ergonomic shape, rubberized grip, and a brass weight hidden by the tip that lowers the center of gravity.

Additionally, the Zebra Blen Ballpoint Pen has quick-drying emulsion ink and comes in 0.5mm and 0.7mm fine points. Makers of this pen put their wonderful thought of offering colors that would best appeal to the users like light blue, light pink, purple, mint green, gray, black, and white in either black ink or red ink.

Morning Glory Pro Mach

This South Korean-made rollerball pen looks modern and stylish as its material is made of plastic with a transparent cap and shiny metallic clip feature.

Although it only comes in three colors, namely black, blue, and red, the ink does last pretty long. Plus, you can monitor its ink supply through its small ink window on the pen body.

Surprisingly, this rollerball produced thicker lines a 0.38 mm fine point tip should have yet smooth and wonderful lines and has an enjoyable feel when you are using it.

Kaweco Classic Sport Ballpoint Pen

Enjoying its recognition since 1911, this German-made pen has a brilliant and meticulous engineering design as distinguished by its iconic octagonal shape.

Retractable and refillable, it is also lightweight and super reliable. It is made of very high-quality ABS injection-molded plastic that is built for toughness and has gold accents.

The pen looks small, measuring 4.1 inches, but it turns into a full-sized pen with its oversized cap. Its slogan is “small in the pocket, large in the hand.” Its writing tip is 1.0mm and is available in black, white, clear, green, burgundy, and red colors.

Pelikan Souveran K405 Ballpoint Pen

Another pride of Germany, this classic pen has a striking glossy resin body with palladium-plated accents including an anthracite pinstripe finish named after the Nobel Prize-winning minister Gustav Stresemann.

The first Souveran with a black and blue striped sleeve is truly a pride of Pelikan. The sleeve’s production alone is an elaborate task wherein it goes through many manufacturing steps in order to create this striped piece material.

The diamond-processed high-grade resin barrel is also refillable and retractable, a precision instrument of the highest quality. It features smooth writing, with a great balance and good weight. 

LAMY 2000 Ballpoint Pen

This flagship pen of the German brand LAMY has a matching aesthetic to its fountain pen. You can buy the pen in ceramic titanium and a standard black Makrolon body.

This extraordinary pen has a timeless feature – the smoothness of its nib, the larger ink capacity, and the ergonomic design. It is built for your comfort, making it highly sophisticated and functional.

It is lightweight and writes well smoothly and is also a click-retractable ballpoint and refillable, using only an M16 ballpoint refill. However, it does have an extended range of compatible refills with its ultra-smooth roll ink for the user’s convenience.

Now, we’ve come to the end of our list. Pick what you think is the best non-gel pen for your needs. Happy writing!