American Psycho Book Worst Parts

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Updated on July 24, 2023

American Psycho novel is written by Bret Easton Ellis about a lunatic Wall Street investment banker who killed many homeless and escort-service girls.  There are many gruesome scenes where the protagonist, Patrick Bateman, has perpetrated. 

The worst part was probably the massive killings in one night. Patrick killed many people by shooting in just one night for no reason. He has shot an old lady who interrupted him when he was about to shoot a cat in its head. He has exchanged fires with the cops and killed a couple of them, then has blown their cars. He killed all witnesses including, the guard and the janitor of a building similar to Pierce & Pierce.

There are several more gruesome scenes in the novel that will depend on the reader’s choice but killing for no reason is just the worst.

The American Psycho book by Bret Easton Ellis

What part of the American Psycho book is bad?  

If you are a fan of crime novels and get satisfied with gore, mutilation, abuse, and torture stories, then no part of American Psycho will be bad for you. But, when we say “bad part” of the novel, that could be the ambiguity of its ending. It doesn’t validate or prove anything. It left people hanging whether the killings really happened or not. Everything that you have read started to become questionable. Imagine how it was detailed by the protagonist only to know in the end that those could just be part of his delusions. The vagueness of the ending left other readers frustrated. Some critics even described the novel as gross killings serving no purpose in the end.

What’s the most disturbing excerpt you’ve read in American Psycho?

The most disturbing excerpt from American Psycho could be the time when Patrick describes how he feels. He said he has no clearly identifiable emotions except for greed and total disgust. His ability to be compassionate toward others has already gone. He could not even identify the difference between having sex with a woman and brutally killing her. He is utterly insane and loves to dissect girls. There was also a time when he had a bad week and started drinking his urine. All of these excerpts are not just disturbing but show how his mental state continues to deteriorate.

Why is American Psycho disturbing?

The entire American Psycho novel is disturbing because of the train of graphic and stomach-churning murder scenes. There is so much violence in it, including violence against animals, the homeless, child, and women. The novel is somewhat hard to read to others because of such detailed crimes written in the book that you cannot fathom what a human can ever do.

It is also one of the most controversial novels because it shows the darkest side of human nature, especially with men. It reminds us that violence, men’s apathy, and misogynistic behavior are often hidden in a facade, money, and good looks.

What are the horrific murder scenes in American Psycho? 

There are so many detailed graphic and stomach-churning scenes you can choose from in the novel, such as: 

  • The chainsaw scene– He used a chainsaw to cut an escort service girl in half just above her private part. Bateman pulled her legs away while still conscious. 
  • The rat torture– Patrick forced a Habitrail tube inside a woman’s private part using acid to widen the opening. The starved rats crawled inside the girl and ate her flesh until she dies.
  • Elizabeth and Christie– Patrick met Elizabeth at the Kentucky Derby. Christie is the prostitute whom he tortured the last time they met. Patrick drugged these two ladies and forced them to have sex with each other. He attacked Elizabeth with a butcher knife while having his climax. After slicing Elizabeth’s throat, he started torturing Christie, whose nipples are hooked up with jumper cables to a car battery. Christie’s lips were gone, and her breasts had exploded the following morning.
  • The hamburger– Patrick ground a girl’s corpse into a hamburger and ate it without any remorse.

Is American Psycho the book or the movie better?

A lot would say that the book is a lot better than the movie because there are a lot of scenes not included in the movie. The killings in the movie are not as detailed as to how it was in the book. The scenes in the movie are less graphic, like the death of Christie and Elizabeth. In the movie, Patrick chased Christie with a chainsaw, while in the book, he tortured Christie with a  car battery hooked up to a wire into her nipple until it exploded. They also omitted the rat scene in the movie and many other bloodbath scenes. However, some visual audiences prefer the movie because they see it firsthand with their own eyes and appreciate the story more as portrayed by their favorite actors. In conclusion, it really depends on the viewer’s or reader’s choice. So, if you want a complete, more detailed story, then the book might be for you.

The American Psycho the book vs. film