Best Bass Boats Under 10k

By April Quinones Written by April Quinones
Updated on August 10, 2023
Bass Boats under 10k

Besides the attractive price, the best bass boats under 10k need to have an extensive track record of catching largemouth bass, excellent size motor power to move the boat around, enough fishing seats, and sufficient storage

These are essential elements to look for when choosing a bass boat under 10k. Let’s find out if this amount is worth a good bass boat that will match your needs.

How much is a good bass boat?

There are many options when it comes to buying a bass boat. If you are just getting into the sport of fishing, then there is no need to spend big bucks on a bass boat. You can get started with a used boat or a boat that is well below your budget. 

The best bass boats are going to cost you around $30,000, but you can find a good starter boat for about 10,000 if you look around. The best advice anyone can give is to buy as nice a boat as you can afford. There really is no need to spend $100,000 or more on a bass boat when plenty of great ones are available for $10,000.

Small bass boats are typically 14-16 feet long and make the most sense for someone who is looking for their first bass boat. They are going to be cheaper than your larger models and can be towed easily with a smaller vehicle. The downside is that they don’t have many storage areas, so all of your gear has to be in bags or boxes that take up space on the floor of the boat, which can be difficult when trying to stand and fish out of them.

Are bass boats a good investment?

Bass boats are not a “good investment” in the traditional sense. They lose value over time, especially when they are not maintained properly. However, they are a good investment in that they provide years of enjoyment and the opportunity to make lifelong memories. Bass boats can be expensive, but there are ways to find cheap bass boats under 10k without sacrificing safety or quality.

If you plan on only taking yourself out fishing once or twice each summer, it may make more economic sense to rent or charter a boat when needed rather than owning one outright.

3 Best Boats Under 10K

1. Tracker Pro Deep V16

It retails for under $10,000, but it’s equipped with a Mercury outboard and comes with a trailer. The front deck is large enough for two anglers to fish comfortably, and it comes with a live well.


  • Two fold-down fishing seats
  • Front and rear aerated live wells
  • Oversized storage compartments
  • A large casting deck with room for three anglers is standard equipment.
  • It’s simple and reliable.
  • Proven track record.
  • Deep enough to have conveniently placed live-well storage
  • It doesn’t have built-in storage like some of its competitors do.
  • It’s not as quiet as some of its competitors.

2. Lund 1600 Rebel XS SS

This aluminum fishing boat also has a Mercury engine and comes with a trailer and a live well. Fishing space isn’t as generous as on the Tracker, but it weighs fewer pounds empty, so you can use either car or truck to tow it to your favorite lake.


  • High gunnels and a smooth ride with a high-performance
  • Aerated live well
  • Rod holders
  • Trolling motor wiring harness
  • Awesome hull design – Very stable, tracks straight, rides well in rough water and corners. 
  • Easy to clean – minimal carpeting
  • Great towing boat – small enough to not get blown around by the wind 
  • The side console is very small, so it is difficult to put a fish finder in it.

3. Lund Fisherman 1800

The Lund Fisherman 1800 features an open, multi-species hull with a walk-through windshield and the Lund exclusive sport-style console with room for flush-mount electronics. Its wide deck and truck-style seating give you plenty of room for all your fishing buddies.


  • Plenty of storage
  • Comfortably padded bow
  • Stern casting decks
  • 3 pedestal seat bases
  • Solid performance overall
  • Comfortable seating throughout
  • Lots of fishing room
  • Great fishing features
  • The stern bench seat is uncomfortable for regular use

Which is the Best Budget Boat for You?

It is easy to get overwhelmed when shopping for a new boat. The options are endless, so the best place to start is by asking yourself what you want to do with your craft. 

If you’re looking at luxury boats, then you are probably looking to spend more than $100,000.If your budget is lower than that, but you still want to get out on the water, there are still plenty of options, as stated above.

Best Bass Boats Under 10k: Bottom Line

Hopefully, this list of best bass boats under 10k was able to help you find the perfect boat for your next fishing adventure. Keep in mind that you can make any adjustments to these boat models if extra features are important to you beyond what I provided in the above review.