Minifish Sailboat

By Yasir Sarkar Written by Yasir Sarkar
Updated on April 19, 2022

Minifish is a 3.6 m monohull  scaled down sunfish sailboat designed by AMF Alcort and produced between 1971 and 1983 by AMF Corp. and Alcort. AMF Alcort Builders is the designer. The Minifish II came with a kit for converting it to an unstayed cat rig.


AMF created and produced the Minifish at the same time they built the Sunfish and numerous other sailboats. It was launched about 1971 and lasted until 1984, when AMF was disbanded in a hostile takeover. During the first year and a half of manufacturing, just a serial number on a sticker was used. After November 1972, federal regulations mandated that a Hull ID be engraved into the top right of the transom.


The minifish sailboat is a smaller version of sunfish. It includes all of the common sailboat parts. The hull is made from fiberglass or wood. You can attach your preferable polyester sail with upper beam, lower beam and overhaul. There is a mast attached to the upper beam. There is a radder at the bottom part of the hull. You can rigg it. You can customize your minifish. There are a variety of options like radder, sail, rudder, compass etc.


The minifish sailboat was founded and designed by AMF Alcort (USA) from 1971 to 1883, constructed by FG. The hull is a monohull dinghy, the rigging type is the Lateen rigging and the keel is a daggerboard. Overall length is 3.6 meter, limits of agreements (LOA) is 3.58 meter, the beam is 1.17 meter and the max and min draft is 0.76 meter and 0.08 meter. The displacement is 34 kilogram. There are various kinds of sails like Patriot, Bermuda, Hula, Gull, Parade, Islands, Primary, Tequila Sunrise, Bikini, etc. 

Minifish sailboat upgrades

Yes, we can upgrade minifish sailboats to replace the traditional kind of mainsheet control, a snub-nosed hook on the cockpit wall. Mainsheet ratchet block, cleat for the mainsheet, mast cleat, hiking strap, tiller extension are a few recommended upgrades to consider. These are relatively straightforward changes that will make sailing on a Minifish a lot more enjoyable.

Can two people ride a minifish sailboat?

Yes, two people can ride a minifish sailboat but the minifish is smaller than the sunfish so the journey won’t be comfortable and it might feel cramped. So, two youngsters or one adult and one kid is suggested for an enjoyable journey. 

Can you race with Minifish boats?

Yes you can race with minifish sailboats. Minifish is very enjoyable in windy weather. There are many sailboat clubs who arrange different kinds of races. Fun racing and open class racing is very popular for fun and showing off your sailfish. Because one-design racing employs essentially identical boats, the competitiveness is solely based on sailing ability. A regulatory body oversees One Design Classes and ensures that they follow the rules. 

Which one is better: Minifish or Sunfish

I would say the Sunfish is better. Minifish is a fantastic tiny sailboat that is easy to maneuver. Less leakage thanks to the rolled edge and molded splash guard. The minifish is smaller than the sunfish so less capacity and the hiking strap is a little awkward. AMF stopped manufacturing minifish in 1984. On the other hand The Sunfish reached 50 years of its glory. It’s much bigger than the minifish. More customization options. Easy to find and can carry 2 adults very well.