Best Pen for Carbon Copies

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Updated on April 2, 2022

Have you tried writing or signing multiple papers for the same text? It is a time-consuming and tedious thing to do. Carbon paper was invented to be a solution to this. Carbon papers allow you to create multiple copies without writing on each page. Carbon copying makes writing less tedious, more efficient, and hassle-free. For a carbon paper to work, you need to place the shiny side down over the paper that will be the duplicate. Put the original document on top of the dull side of the carbon paper. Start writing using a pen or pencil, applying pressure to make sure the carbon is transferred to the paper.

For a carbon copy to work, an ample amount of pressure is needed. Therefore, the best pen to use are pens that can put enough pressure on the carbon paper for the writing to go through, like ballpoints, rollerballs, or any ordinary pen with firmer tips than fountain pens or felt-tip pens. 

drawing with a carbon paper

What are some writing instruments that work on carbon copy?

There is no special pen needed to write on carbon paper. Any pencil, ballpoint, gel pen, or rollerball, will work great on carbon paper. So essentially, all kinds of pens that can put enough pressure on the carbon paper would work for the writing to go through to the duplicate copies. On the contrary, felt-tip pens, fountain pens, pentel pens, highlighters don’t give good results in carbon copies because they are too soft to produce enough pressure to the paper for the carbon to transfer to the next paper.

Can you use pen on carbon copy? 

Absolutely! You can use a pen for a carbon copy. Just make sure that the tip is strong enough to put pressure on the paper for you to have legible duplicates. You can use any ordinary pens you can buy in local stores. You can use rollerballs, ballpoints, gel pens, fine liners, or pencils. But not fountain pens or felt-tip pens.

Which pens would work well for carbon copies?

Generally, all pens would work in carbon copy, but in terms of writing quality depends on the type of pen you will use. Ballpoint pens are generally the best when you need to make duplicates with carbon paper. You are going to need the ballpoint to press through the papers. Furthermore, you also must consider, not just its ability to create duplicates, but also the writing quality on the original copy, especially when you are dealing with more important data, like payments, signatures, etc. Here are the top-quality ballpoint pens that you use: 

  • Uni-Ball Jetstream
  • Bic Cristal Xtra Bold
  • Schneider Pulse Pro
  • Zebra Surari Emulsion Ink Pens
  • Dong-A Any ball Ballpoint Pens
  • Pilot Acroball Ballpoint Pens
  • Pentel RSVP Ballpoint Pens
  • Pilot Acroball M Series Ballpoint Pens
  • Zebra Tapli Clip Ballpoint Pens
The best ballpoint pens

Do fountain pens work on carbon copy paper?

Yes, fountain pens work on carbon paper, especially the pens that have hard nibs, like Montblanc 400 and push button pen M.G. 420. However, you do not get the best result as with ballpoint pens because most fountain pens can’t put enough pressure on the carbon paper for the writing to go through, especially if it is three or more copies. To produce carbon copies, pen nibs must be very hard to transfer enough pressure when writing on paper. If too much pressure is put in a fountain pen, its tip will widely force apart, letting the ink flow cut off.

What Fountain Pen Can Handle Triple Carbon Copy Signing?

Fountain pens are not originally designed for carbon papers. Fountain pens can’t put enough pressure on the carbon paper for the writing to go through. Because of the introduction of carbon papers to produce duplicates, fountain pen manufacturers started to innovate their products to expand the capability of fountain pens to produce duplicate copies. There are several in the market that produce hard nibs, however, they are a bit more pricey than the standard fountain pen. You can choose from Montblanc nibs, Lamy steel nibs, Sailors hard nibs, Parker’s nibs, or Schneider Base. You can also use glass nibs like Montblanc 400, Shizuku Glass Nib Fountain Pens, and push button pen M.G. 420.

Signing a receipt.

Which is better for carbon copies, fountain pen, ballpoint, or rollerball?

To produce good copies of the original document using carbon paper, pens that can put enough pressure on the carbon paper are needed, especially if it is three or more copies. Rollerball works with carbon paper. Ballpoint will be the best choice because you will need that tiny ball at the tip to put pressure on the paper, allowing the writing to go through to the papers. Fountain pens still work for some, especially for fountain pens that have stiff nibs. However, they will be a bit expensive compared to rollerballs or ballpoints. Also, it does not produce the best result because fountain pens are not designed for too much writing pressure. Nibs are likely to push apart, cutting the ink flow. 

Which writes  better in Carbon Copy paper, pen or pencil?

Although pen works with carbon copies, most of the time you’ll need permanent ink on the original document. Therefore, the pen will still be the best.