Best Pens at Target

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Updated on April 2, 2022

Undoubtedly, Target has a massive collection of the best pens for specialty and general use. But getting the best pen for your needs at target could be challenging if you don’t have access to the best information. 

Target’s wide ranges of pens are available from several recognized manufacturers in different colors and multiple fascinating features. Pens at Target are split into common sections to make selections easy and straightforward for buyers.

In this guide, you’ll find the best tips to help you make easy choices selecting top-quality pens at Target. Taking cues from this guide will guarantee a fulfilling writing, drawing, or coloring experience with your preferred pen. 

What is the Best Pen to Pick Up at Target?

Top pens available at Target are the Pentel Energel, Uni-ball Jetstream RT, and the Pilot G2 Ultimate. Dozens of other great options are available too from Paper Mate, Sakura, Sharpie, amongst others.

Best Target Ballpoint Pens 

BIC Xtra Life Ballpoint Pen

Seamless writing is easier to guarantee with a high-quality 1.0mm ballpoint pen. The BIC Xtra Life Ballpoint is a popular option at Target with its translucent barrel, tungsten ball, and durable construction. 

One order for a 10-pack of this set of ballpoint pens sells for $1.60 at Target

Paper Mate Ink Joy 300RT Ballpoint Pen

Using a super-smooth ballpoint pen makes any writing task easy and helps keeps the ideas coming. That’s why the fluidity provided by this Paper Mate ballpoint shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Available in 8 different colors, this set offers writers a superb writing experience no matter how they like their hues. An 8-pack of this set can be yours for just $4.40 at Target.

Best Pens for Writing Target

ARTEZA Fine Line Colored Pen Set

If you’re a fan of thin-tipped pens, you’ll definitely have a thing for the ARTEZA Fine Line Pen Set. The Pen set is designed with a durable 0.4mm tip with assorted colors to suit all your writing needs.

One order for a 72-pack of this pen currently sells for $29 at Target.

BIC Xtra Bold Ballpoint – Multicolor

The BIC Xtra Bold Ballpoint Pen is designed to render bolder impressions on paper, making it a writer’s choice. Writers keen on broader lines when taking notes will fancy the massive ballpoint tip included to support smooth use. 

15-pack orders for this ballpoint pen set are available at Target for $3.70.  

Best Felt Tip Pens at Target

U-Brands Soft Touch Felt Tip Pen

The U-Brands felt tip comes with a set of porous tip pens designed to render better impressions on most sheets. Each of these pens contains bleed resistant ink to prevent smudging during use.

Rose gold hardware is chosen to build accents in this pen, giving it a durable construction unseen in many options. A single order for three of this 0.7mm soft touch, felt tip pen sells for $7 at Target.

Paper Mate Flair Felt Pen (0.7mm – Multicolored)

The medium tip of this Paper Mate felt pen is designed to ease making bolder impressions with ease. It comes in a multicolored set filled with water-based ink formulated to have an anti-bleed effect.

24-pack set of this felt pen sells for $26.50 at Target

Best Rollerball Pens at Target

Pilot Precise v5 Rollerball Pen

For just $5.30, shoppers can get three of these fascinating rollerball pens at Target. Each of these pens features a rubber-grip surface, high-end metal clip and precision designs. 

Its retractable, rolling ball tip is a plus for writers looking for a seamless note-taking experience. Surely, this pen is one of the best pens for bullet journals or note-taking currently on sale at Target. 

Uni-ball Vision Elite Rollerball Pen

Shoppers for rollerball pens will surely seek an option with bright, bold ink laydowns, and that’s what this Uni-ball guarantees. It comes with a rollerball design and black ink with a 0.5mm micro point for precise, crisp lines. 

An order for one dozen of this rollerball pen set with barrel windows is available for $20.30.  

Best Gel Pens at Target

Pentel EnerGel Rollergel Pen

The Pentel EnerGel Rollergel is a seamless of combo of rollerball tip and gel ink to build the perfect pen. It features an easy-grip design, smooth application, quick-dry writing, and other great additions.

Ordering a two-pack of this slender tip gel pen set will set you back just $4 ($2 per pen).

Sharpie S–Gel 0.7mm Gel Pen

Shoppers keen on no-bleed pens will fancy this 0.7mm gel pen set from Sharpie. The pen can make a bold impression on most surfaces without causing smearing or smudging up pages. 

4-pack orders for this gel pen set are currently available for $6 at Target.

Does Target Have Free Shipping for Pens?

Target currently offers free shipping for pen orders valued at $35 or more. Most pens available at Target can only be cleared for shipping if a buyer makes a $35 standalone or combined purchase. 

Target also offers free 2-day or standard shipping for some shoppers across specific locations in the US.