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Updated on March 29, 2022

If you are a new boater or trying to buy one, it is important to know the anatomy of a boat. Boats come in various designs, shapes, and sizes. However, no matter which type of boat it is, you’re likely to encounter some of the same features and terminology. The basic parts of a boat include Beam, Bilge, Draft, Aft, Forward, Freeboard, Waterline, Keel, and Saloon. 

A boat salon is a cabin area of a boat or yacht that works like a living room where you can sit back, relax, eat, or enjoy your cocktail in this area. A boat salon is a great place to entertain any guests. However, not all boats have a salon, especially the small ones. Mostly, you can find a boat salon on a yacht or sailboats. 

Three person eating on a yacht saloon

What is the salon on a boat?

Not all boats have salons, but boats like yachts and sailboats typically have salons. A boat salon is a cabin area that serves as the living room of a yacht. You can enjoy the view of the ocean through the window while sitting comfortably on a bench. It is a perfect place to have a chit-chat with your guests and entertain them. It is a place where you can sit back, relax, and grab a cup of drink.

What is the difference between a salon and a saloon?

Both salons and saloons convey the same meaning if we talk about boats or yachts. Both words mean the largest enclosed, common area of a yacht that works as the living room, where you can chill while enjoying the view of the ocean. Sailors who are sailing yachts use the term saloon to refer to the main reception area of the boat, whereas motor boaters or yachts use the term salon.

The saloon is historically the correct term, but, as time goes by, some use the term salon, which is derived from the French word “le salon” which means living room. Therefore, both words are correct. 

Does a yacht have a salon or saloon?

A yacht is a recreational boat used for racing or pleasure cruising. Motor boat or yacht boaters use the term salon instead of the saloon. Although both terms have the same meaning, yacht boaters prefer to use salons. Essentially, it is the “living room” of the boat. It is a place where you can entertain your guests, eat, drink, and sit while enjoying the scenery. 

What is a deck saloon boat?

Deck saloons or raised saloon, deckhouse, the pilothouse consists of a raised coach-house on sailing boats. They are usually found in larger sailboats or sailing vessels measuring about 44 feet up to 60 feet. It can carry 15 people on average. It has a deeper draft, wider beam, scenic and luminous windows than the regular saloons, which makes a boat conducive for overnight cruising and day sailing. 

The lifted floor of the deck saloons allows boaters to see the view through the windows from a sitting position. This would help boaters monitor what’s going on outside, keep an eye on the traffic easily and check for any obstacles. 

Navetta 73 large deck saloon

What are the salon services?

Boats are not limited to transportation and fishing, they can also be used for racing or pleasure cruising. Most of these boats used for racing or pleasure cruising have boat salons where you can chill with your friends. There are a lot of services that a boat salon can provide. It can be a place to dine, have a cocktail party, relax, or simply to entertain your guests. You can also enjoy the horizon while comfortably sitting through the window. Boat salons are designed to hold as many as 15 people to enjoy the moment. 

What are the best boat salons?

Here are some of the best boat salons that can be found in these prestige yachts and motorboats: 

  1. Jeanneau 43DS– a sleek, elegant, practical, and comfortable yacht with 20 cms slightly elevated deck saloon
  2. Beneteau Oceanis 35.1– It has practical and effective saloons designed to suit a variety of sailing programs. 
  3. Blue Water 420– It is a raised saloon cruising yacht that provides extra security and safety to move around on.
  4. Bruckmann 50– has a huge saloon with great 360-degree views and an ample cockpit, with a draft of 1.82 meters, 15.59 meters in length, and 4.69 meters beam. 

What are the most expensive boat salons? 

There are only a few expensive boat saloons in the world. Here are the most expensive saloons: 

  1. History Supreme – The world’s most expensive saloon is found in the History Supreme owned by Robert Knok. It cost $4.8 billion. It took three years to build this luxurious 100 feet yacht using 10,000-kilogram gold and platinum. 
  2. Eclipse– owned by Roman Abramovich which cost $1.5 Billion measuring about 533 feet. 
  3. Streets of Monaco- it is also known as “the floating city”. It cost $1.1 Billion and measures about 500 feet. It features several miniatures of renowned landmarks of Monaco
  4. Azzam- it is one of the fastest luxury yachts across the world measuring about 590 feet. It cost $600 million and is owned by a member of the royal family of the UAE.
History Supreme yacht