Boaters University Reviews

By Mohammad Alam Written by Mohammad Alam
Updated on April 2, 2022

Boaters university has no alternatives for diving deep into the world of knowledge concerning marine-related topics. AIM marine group has established this institution for fulfilling the quest of a marine enthusiast.  

Boat university provides exciting courses at the most reasonable price. All the lessons are interactive and designed in a way that will benefit beginners and advanced boaters. Unlimited access and in-depth knowledge on different topics make the courses of Boaters University worth every penny.

How have boaters benefited from Boaters University Courses?

Learning complex topics like engine repairing, the mechanism of a yacht, etc., can be tedious and hard to understand. But Boaters University makes complex topics fun and easy to understand. It provides multiple courses online.

As the courses are available online, anyone can learn from anywhere. You wouldn’t have to be physically present. This saves a lot of time from traveling to the campus. The books and materials are provided online.

The entire course is exceptionally reasonable, which ensures that money doesn’t hinder the process of learning. Whoever wants to learn can enroll in the system and start the classes immediately.

Are Boaters University’s tutorials good for learning the fundamentals of offshore Boating?

Boaters University makes the courses fun and interesting; it also puts the needed pressure on the students to be ready for future adventures. When the courses start, the students have to be prepared to generate input whenever asked.

These inputs include the boat’s speed, sea life, rain, weather, wind speed, wave direction, current, speed of the wave, sun, etc. Every day the students get to learn something new and exciting. When it comes to unexpected situations and creating beautiful memories, there is no other option than Boaters University.

Learning about the sea is not like learning physics or business. You can’t go by the book. It is more about experiencing and discovering new ways. Boaters university gives students the opportunity to experience new ways of learning.

Each and every moment, the boaters are motivated to share their perspective. They are given assignments on a daily basis which enhances their knowledge. It also helps them think creatively while broadening their mindset.

Boaters University also ensures that the lessons are interactive. Because the bookish knowledge would not help the boaters. Interactive lessons help them to learn the concepts better. It also stays in their mind for a more extended period.

Can Boaters University Courses be beneficial for both beginners and seasoned boaters?

Boaters university has different courses which experts take. Each class is specialized for other purposes. As the courses are divided according to intensity, both beginners and seasoned boaters can avail the courses.

When it comes to getting benefits, both beginners and seasoned boaters will be benefited from the courses because the courses provide in-depth knowledge. If the boaters can select the courses according to their ability, then there shouldn’t be an issue.

Besides, the topics are explained beautifully and the tasks are designed to help the students understand and imply the lessons in real life. The courses like repairing engines, anchor and anchoring, offshore cruising, etc., will benefit the seasoned boaters.

On the other hand, fundamentals of seamanship and weather 101 basics will help beginners. Therefore, it can be said that anyone who wants to learn about marine activities will be benefitted from the courses.

What are the best Boaters University Courses?

Currently, there are nine courses featured in Boaters University. These courses include:

Fundamentals of seamanship, offshore cruising: preparing craft & crew, anchors & anchoring, ready to boat, anglers Bootcamp: the basics of saltwater fishing, safety & rescue at sea, marine diesel maintenance & troubleshooting, boat handling, weather 101: basics, etc.

These courses are amazing for beginners as well as for professional boaters as they cover various different topics.

Is Boaters University Worth your money?

The courses are relatively reasonable when you see all the inclusive plans. They have different plans according to the needs of the students.

  • Boaters University Subscription Plans: Each course costs around 339 USD per year. This means that if you are paying it monthly, for each month, you will have to pay 33.25 USD, which is quite reasonable.
  • All-inclusive pass: Whenever a student subscribes to any course, they immediately get a U account. This account shows all the progress. All the materials will be available in this account.

There are videos of the topics, quizzes on every subject, content designed interactively to make them attractive. Any student can watch the videos as many times as they want.

Students have unlimited access. They can watch the contents from phones, laptops, tablets. There are no restrictions.

The best part is even if a student cancels a subscription, they will be able to see the courses. Once the date of subscription ends, only then the student’s access will be over. Hence, the courses of Boaters University are worth the penny.