Careers in Sailing

By Viet Nguyen Written by Viet Nguyen
Updated on August 21, 2023

Who doesn’t enjoy feeling the deep blue of the ocean and its breeze splashing on your face? Sailing is a great sport that is enjoyed by millions around the world, and if you love the sport, it is always a good idea to go for a career in sailing. You will not only get the chance to make a living out of your passion but will also be able to spread the passion to other people. You can choose among the different careers in sailing and find one that’s closest to your heart.

Careers for people interested in sailing come in many different types, focusing on various aspects of the sport. That said, if you wish to get into a sailing career, there are certain things you should keep in mind. 

Careers in Sailing

Careers in Sailing: What can you do if you work in the industry?

If you have a burning passion for sailing and sailboats, you will definitely be glad to know that there are plenty of different jobs you can work if you want to go for careers in sailing. For starters, you can become a competitive sailor who takes part in local competitions organized by colleges. This job requires a lot of physical capabilities, and you will have to be mentally capable as well, as you will have to brave the winds and the waves. 

If you love engineering, you can actually learn fluid dynamics and engineering to become a sailboat designer. This path can be quite a long and arduous one, as you will have to study for quite a while before you can become a full-time sailboat engineer. The pay, however, is usually more than worth the trouble.

What can you expect when working in the sailing industry?

The sailing industry itself is not as huge as other popular industries such as IT or F&B, but it does come with plenty of great benefits that will definitely make it worth your while to work in the industry. For starters, you will get pretty good salaries. If you become a professional sailor or a captain, you can earn a lot more than the national average, making sure that you will not have to worry about money. 

If you enjoy exploring new and exciting places around the world, a career in sailing will also be a great choice for you. Many professional sailors and captains are eligible for sailing their boats in many different seas and regions around the world, allowing them to easily see the world. This alone is the selling point for many young adventurers.

Even if you are not a sailor, you can still enjoy all the benefits that the different careers in sailing industry can offer. For example, if you are a sailboat designer, you can expect to test out sailboats on your own, which will be an exhilarating experience. Sometimes, you might get invited to trade fairs or technology fairs, where you can meet with the top executives in the field. Many of these individuals might just be the primary investors of your latest project! 

How best to prepare for a career in sailing?

Your preparations for a career in sailing will differ depending on the type of career you wish to follow. If you are into more physically demanding jobs such as sailor or captain, you will have to stay fit and healthy all the time, or else you won’t meet the demands of the job. You are also expected to have a very good working knowledge of both sailboats and the sea to prevent any dangerous situation.

If you are going for a more technical job, it is likely that you will need the proper education before you can start working. For example, if you wish to become a sailboat designer, you will have to take courses in engineering first. It will also help a lot if you also possess hands-on knowledge about sailing itself as well. 

Careers in Sailing - A sailboat out in the sea

What are the salary ranges of careers in sailing?

Naturally, salaries are some of the most important factors to take into account before you chase after a career, so it is a good idea to check the salary range of the most popular careers in sailing first. 

  • Professional sailors: 18,000 USD to 106,000 USD
  • Sailboat designers: 29,000 USD to 175,000 USD
  • Captains: 38,310 USD to 134,950 USD

There is nothing quite like feeling the winds and the waves blasting through your hair as you steer your sailboat to the great blue. Sailing is a fun and exciting sport that can help you stay fit and learn a lot more about marine life as well as seaside cultures.

If you have a passion for sailboats or sailing in general, a career in sailing might just be what you need. This career can also pay quite well if you know how to prepare for it, and if you are ready to follow it until the end.