Columbia Yacht Club Membership Cost

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Updated on April 2, 2022

As a club that generates a great feeling of camaraderie and pride among its members, officials, and employees, Columbia Yacht Club was already known since 1892 and remains appreciated until now. Its members and people are united by their love of yachts and sailing. Who wouldn’t? Cruising, racing, power boating, or quietly enjoying the scenery from the Club, all of these activities can be enjoyed if you are a member!  It always feels like “Welcome Aboard” at Columbia Yacht Club, whether it’s for exquisite dancing underneath the skies on the Club Ship’s aft balcony or informal dock gatherings; from calm morning breakfasts to twilight dinners; from the excitement of crews preparing for races to tranquil nights anchored at the Club’s docks.

The costs and dues for joining are determined by the member’s age as well as membership classification. Current attendees pay $500 at the start of the Provisional year and $500 at the conclusion of the year while $250 for junior members who are 18-30 years old.

How much does it cost to join the Columbia Yacht Club?

Yacht Clubs can be very expensive, especially for a boat owner. These membership clubs are solely for the purpose of leisure, celebrations, recreational sailing and boat activities. If you are planning to join the Columbia Yacht Club, here’s the money you need to prepare!

The costs and dues for joining are determined by the member’s age as well as membership classification. The Columbia yacht club membership fees for current regular members cost $1000 – can be paid half by half on the provisional and conclusion of the year. For junior members (ages 18 to 30) on the other hand, $500 is the cost of joining. Can also be divided into two separate payments. Once turned 31, they will be considered a regular member and need to pay double. 

If you are a Permanent or Affiliate member, you have full access to all of Columbia Yacht Club’s amenities, including 24-hour access at the Club Ship, eating rights in the private dining room, as well as a bar and patio seating on the bow. There are also no additional fees for the Club’s conference rooms and event facilities. 

How much does a yacht membership cost?

There are many yacht clubs all around the nation that would be delighted to have you join them. In return for a good amount of money, you can spend a bit of time on the ocean with a gorgeous yacht, or learn more boat tips from expert members! 

The cost of a yacht club varies depending on the fleet, your location, and even the marina’s facilities. Based on your level of subscription, the estimated yearly membership cost is between $900 and $4,000. It also depends if you are a non-owner, and an owner of a yacht.

It’s a huge step in your existence to participate in a yacht club. This is a milestone in life. It signifies a particular level of accomplishment, something that you will take pride in. 

Yacht Clubs offers a wide range of opulent facilities. Setting sail on such a yacht is the greatest way to relax after a long work week. For sure, the level of things you may get from joining a club is totally worth your time and money! 

Columbia Yacht Club Cost vs. Chicago Yacht Club Cost

When it comes to Yacht clubs, there are two prominent ones in Chicago. The Chicago Yacht Club and Columbia Yacht Club. They both are based in the same location, and have their fair share of specialties and advantages. Read more to know the comparison between these two. 

Wondering which one to join in? Well, it actually depends on what matters to you. Chicago and Columbia Yacht Clubs are probably what we call rivals when it comes to Club memberships. 

The Chicago Yacht Club was established in 1875, 17 years before Columbia Yacht Club started. They are one of the first to promote the sport of yachting. Compared to ColYC, CYC focuses more on competitions and sports, making them notable in the industry. One of the things that made them popular was the CYC race to Mackinac- which is basically an annual race for sailors. 

Chicago Yacht Club (also known as CYC) advantages are its events and competition indeed. If you are someone who loves competition and being challenged, then CYC is a great choice. Columbia Yacht Club also hosts and manages events like Mackinac, but CYC definitely has the name when it comes to competitive sailing. 

CYC compared to ColYC has better and more advanced sailing facilities, as they want to make sure that their members interests and hobbies are satisfied. 

Columbia Yacht Club, on the other hand, is different and above the rest. Compared to the other Yacht Club, people and members here primarily stay for companionships. Its people, from employees, to members are very kind and welcoming. Their restaurants above water are exceptional from its structure up to interior.

If you are looking for a place to enjoy and interact, then this is the right club for you. ColYC has great people and employees, it takes pride in leisure and camaraderie. It has such great social exposure, and amazing food and ambience based on members and guests. 

Are yacht clubs worth it?

Yacht clubs are well worth the money and time commitment once you’ve found the correct one. When you participate in a yacht club, you may enjoy the companionship of knowledgeable boat owners who can assist you get launched on your new experiences in combination to racing and sailing.

Yacht clubs get a notoriety for being exceedingly pricey and elite, but they aren’t. The look of today’s yacht club is evolving, even though certain yacht clubs are still quite formal and cater primarily to the extremely wealthy. If you are someone who wants to start a journey in Sailing, currently with or without your own yacht, these Clubs will provide you the grasp, exposure, and experiences that you need.