Cult Pens Review

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Updated on April 2, 2022

Cult Pens is a popular retail store and currently offers its services to customers across the globe.  Shoppers at Cult Pens can choose from over 30,000 different products, with the number of available items increasing daily.  

Cult Pens currently has the largest selection of pencils, pens, and refills and boosts a global client list. Since 1994, Cult Pens has been recommended as a top option to purchase quality stationery no matter where you live. 

But is Cult Pens as good as many people say? Or does this pens and stationery store fail to live up to all the hype online?

In this review, relevant information about Cult Pens is available to help you make an easy choice. Choosing to patronize this store or buy somewhere else will be easier with what this post offers.  

Are Cult Pens Legit?

Cult Pens has been in operation for more than two decades and is one of the most respected stationery stores online. Recognized stationery makers like Pentel, Pilot, Uni-ball, Stabilo and others recommended Cult Pens to customers. 

The official website of Cult Pens ( has been online for several years and currently services countless customers every day. Stellar customer reviews across rating sites also adds an extra level of legitimacy to Cult Pens’ wide range of services. 

How to Place Orders on Cult Pens

Step 1: Visit the Cult Pens official website

Log on to Cult Pen’s website at You can visit this address on any computer or mobile device that supports an internet connection. 

Step 2: Add items to your shopping basket

Different categories are available for shoppers at the Cult Pens website. Buyers can choose from several sections to buy pens, refills, pencils, erasers, and more. 

Select any item you desire, and click on ‘Add to Basket’. Clicking this button adds all your preferred items to your shopping cart. 

Step 3: Click checkout button

At checkout, click on ‘Pay online with credit or debit card’ to proceed with your order. 

Step 4: Confirm payment and shipping details

At the checkout page, you need to confirm prices of items you ordered, quantity of items needed, and other information. 

You also need to enter your billing address, delivery address, shipping method, and make your payment. Next, click on Pay and Place Order.  

Step 5: Complete your order

Completing your order sends your requested items to the address provided at checkout. Receipt of your ordered items depends on the kind of shipping options you selected while at checkout. 

How is Cult Pens Rated on Trustpilot?

Cult Pens has been rated by 73,400+ reviewers on Trustpilot and currently holds a 5-star rating on this site. 

98% of reviewers on Trustpilot rate Cult Pens as an excellent service for different reasons. Most reviewers point to the quality of Cult Pens’ inventory and their excellent shipping services. 

Very few companies can boast of a 5-star rating after over 73,000 reviews. Based on such a high rating, Cult Pens might be an excellent store to get your pens, pencils, and refills. 

How is Cult Pens Rated on Yelp?

Cult Pens currently holds a 5-star rating on Yelp. Ratings on this site highlight Cult Pens swift services, quality items, and great shipping service. 

100% of reviews on Yelp currently believe Cult Pens is the best online store to place orders for high-quality stationery. 

How Long Cult Pens Take to Ship?

Cult Pens usually takes 5 – 8 business days to ship orders. Faster options like Next Day delivery and First Class Post are available in some countries.

But some shipping delays may cause shipping timelines to stretch to one month. 

How Many Courier Options Does Cult Pens Have?

Cult Pens supports more than half-a-dozen courier options for shoppers to receive items. Some common options are First Class Post, Special Delivery, Airmail, Next Day, among others. 

Does Cult Pens Have Special Delivery?

Cult Pens has Royal Mail Special Delivery for buyers who make purchases of $113. Shoppers who make high-value purchases can access Cult Pens’ special delivery for just $8.

Does Cult Pens Have International Shipping?

Cult Pens offers free shipping on orders over $135 that don’t weigh over 4.5lbs. Orders under $135 and over the required weight to qualify for free shipping will be charged as a regular purchase. 

Does Cult Pens Have Free Shipping?

Cult Pens provides free shipping services to customers who make purchases over a certain amount. Buyers who make purchases over $35 are eligible for free shipping, with discounts available for orders above $3.5 too.

Cult Pens also offers free next day delivery for customers who make purchases over $117. Residents of Northern Ireland, Islands, and Highlands are not subject to any delivery surcharges too. 

Does Cult Pens Sell Refills?

Cult Pens currently has a massive inventory of refills available to shoppers. Buyers can place orders for fountain pen cartridges, pen and pencil refills, correction refills, and much more. 

Over eighteen (18) categories of refills are available at Cult Pens to customers 24/7.