Detroit Diesel 8v92 Fuel Consumption

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Updated on April 2, 2022

Fuel consumption is simply the amount of fuel consumed per unit distance, measured in gallons per 100 miles in the U.S. and liters per 100 kilometers in Europe and other countries. A vehicle’s fuel consumption depends on several factors, such as driving behavior, weather, vehicle weight and size, the type of engine, and many more. Engines, in particular, have a major effect on the fuel consumption of a vehicle. The larger the engine, the more it consumes fuel.

An American engine manufacturer, Detroit Diesel has been producing engines for small and large vehicles like buses, trucks, boats, etc. The Detroit Diesel 8v92 is the most popular engine that they have made. It has a two-stroke diesel engine, which boasts a displacement of 12.1 liters. The Maximum Engine Fuel Consumption is determined by Gallon Per Hour (GPH) = (specific fuel consumption x HP)/Fuel Specific Weight. Detroit Diesel 8v92 produces 312 HP, with Specific Fuel Consumption of 124.8 lb/HP. The Specific Weight of diesel is 7.5 lbs per gallon. Therefore, a Detroit Diesel 8v92 that produces 312 hp can consume 16.64 gallons per hour on average.

Detroit Diesel 8v92 silver engine

Is Detroit Diesel 8v92 Fuel-efficient?

Although Detroit Diesel 8v92 is one the most popular engines that are being used, there are more modern engines that are more cost-efficient than this two-stroke Detroit Diesel engine. It is more likely to burn more fuels than the 4-strokes version of engines. However, we cannot discount the fact that Detroit Diesel 8v92 is rather convenient with its quick and hassle-free maintenance. The use of fuel is cleaner than the other version, and there’s less likely to have issues with oil leaks.

How many miles per gallon does Detroit Diesel 8v92 consume?

Miles per gallon simply means the distance a vehicle can travel per gallon of fuel. Miles per gallon is the measurement of every vehicle’s fuel efficiency. A higher mile per gallon signifies fuel efficiency. To calculate Detroit Diesel 8v92’s mileage, simply divide the miles driven by the gallons of fuel consumed (Miles driven ÷ Consumed fuel in gallons= MPG). So, let’s say, you drove 82 miles and used 345 gallons of diesel, you are at 4.20 miles per gallon of your fuel.

An engine like Detroit Diesel 8v92 mileage would still depend on your driving behavior. Aggressive driving like speeding, rapid acceleration, sudden braking, and excessive idling can lower your fuel mileage by roughly 15% to 30% MPG. Also, the workload of an engine may affect the MPG of your vehicles, such as: 

  • Over speeding that increases aerodynamic drag or wind resistance
  • Cold weather
  • Use of electrical accessories
  • Road conditions like unpaved roads, or mountainous terrains
  • Water current or waves for boats

How many hours does Detroit Diesel 8v92 fuel last?

Generally, Detroit Diesel 8v92 engines are used by tugboats, buses, logging equipment including, army trucks, rescue vehicles, and boats. Therefore, the amount of time its fuel consumes depends on the fuel capacity of a specific vehicle. A standard Tugboat can accommodate at least 10,000 liters of diesel or 2,641.72 gallons. If a Detroit Diesel 8v92 with 312 hp consumes 16.64 gallons per hour on average, a full tank of a tugboat will last for about 158.75 hours or 7 days at the most.

Tugboat using Detroit Diesel 8v92  engine

How much fuel does a Detroit Diesel 8v92 engine burn per hour?

A fuel burn is the amount of fuel consumed, which is measured in Gallons Per Hour (GPH). In an hour, a Detroit Diesel 8v92 engine with a standard horsepower of 312, can burn 16.64 gallons per hour. If you are confused about how it is being calculated, here is the formula you can use to measure the amount of fuel a vehicle with Detroit Diesels 8v92 engine can burn: 

Formula: GPH = (specific fuel consumption x HP)/Fuel Specific Weight

Specific Fuel Consumption of diesel: 0.40 lb per HP

Fuel Specific Weight of diesel: 7.2 lb per gallon.

filling fuel in a boat

Is the 8V92 a good engine?

Yes, the Detroit Diesel 8v92 is considered by many as a good engine. Even today, there are lots of vehicles like buses, cargo ships, trucks that use Detroit Diesel 8v92 engines. Many still want this engine because it is easy to maintain, and easy to find spare parts and service centers that can fix any problems. The silver model of the Detroit Diesel 8v92 engine also has good feedback from drivers, like the fuel is cleaner, minimal to no issues on oil leaks, etc. Indeed, the Detroit Diesel 8v92 offers superb value for money and functional efficacy.

How much HP does an 8V92 have?

Horsepower is the energy an engine produces. A Detroit Diesel 8V92 engine can produce 312 horsepower of continuous power at 1,800 revolutions per minute, with a maximum power of 388 horsepower at 2,300 revolutions per minute.

How much oil does a Detroit 8V92 hold?

A Detroit Diesel 8V92 engine can hold 17 and 23 quarts of oil, with an oil pressure of 32-47 PSI at 1200RPM, maintained at 200 and 235°F.