Drive Lube Monitor

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Updated on April 2, 2022

Boaters always want the best for their machines, and proper lubing is a major way to maintain your boat. Checking out your lube level to know when it needs a top-up or replacement is easy with a drive lube monitor. 

Drive lube monitors are reservoir cans designed to help boat owners and technicians know their boats’ lube level. Most boat drive lube monitors come with sensors to make checking gear lube levels easy. 

In this article, we’ll get to see details about the drive lube monitor and how it works. Boaters keen on high-quality drive lube monitors will also get more information on top options available in stores.

What is a Drive Lube Monitor?

A drive lube monitor is a plastic bottle designed to help boaters monitor their gear oil level without using dipsticks. The oil monitor usually comes with markings to make checks easy.

Dwindling oil levels will be comfortable to spot through measurements on the plastic can. A proper drive lube monitor also comes with sensors to make accurate and timely oil checks possible. 

How Does the Drive Oil Reservoir Monitor Work?

A drive lube monitor is connected to your boat’s outdrive and mimics its oil level. If your outdrive burns out too much oil, the level of your drive oil reservoir will drop drastically.

Monitoring your drive lube monitor makes it easy to know if your boat’s outdrive is functioning well or not. 

Drive Lube Monitor Bottles under $100

The ROP Shop Gear Lube Bottle Reservoir Monitor

If you’re shopping for a perfect drive lube monitor for your 1988–1998 MerCruiser Alpha/Bravo stern drives, this is it. It comes with one gear lube bottle assembly, bracket, strap, clip, screws, and washers.

Everything included in this kit makes it easy to swap your old lube monitor with complete parts. And in some cases, this lube monitor could be a perfect fit for more models than the specified range above.

One order for this bottle reservoir monitor is available for $65 at Walmart

AA Gear Oil Lube Reservoir Bottle Monitor

The AA reservoir monitor is an ideal pick for boaters who want to easily check their drive lube level. It comes with a sensor designed to make monitoring your boat’s drive lube easy.

The reservoir bottle comes with a tight-fitting screw cap to prevent oil spills during use. It’s a perfect fit for prior MerCruiser 806193A47 and 8M0075710 parts and could fit other versions too.

The reservoir bottle monitor is clear and has accurate markings to make oil filling comfortable. 

An AA reservoir bottle costs $50 and the best replacement for prior 806193A51 and 8M0075708 models is available for $40

Quicksilver Drive Lube Monitor Gear Oil Bottle 

The Quicksilver oil reservoir monitor is a perfect fit for 806193A46 and 8M0075709 prior parts. It features a clear bottle designed to make checking your boat’s drive lube pretty easy.

The reservoir oil bottle could also be perfect for other boats since it measures at 11” x 9” x 9”. Boaters keen on a gear oil bottle for lesser-known brands could find this option fits nicely. 

Its markings and tight screw cap makes monitoring oil levels easy and also prevents spills when you’re on the move. One of these reservoir monitors sells for $48 at Walmart.

Drive Lube Monitor Bottles over $100

PLLP Gear Lube Bottle Reservoir Kit

The PLLP gear oil reservoir kit is a perfect fit for MerCruiser Alpha Bravo models from 1991. It also features fittings that make it a great fit for dozens of other boat models. 

It can easily replace prior parts of a Mercury 806193A38, 806193A20, and 806193A48. A snug-fitting screw cap features in this reservoir kit, so it’s easy to avoid spills when you’re on the move.

All its included metal add-ons come with sleek coating to avoid unnecessary scratches. A single order costs $110 at Amazon and includes matching screws and washers for easy installation. 

MerCruiser OEM Gear Lube Bottle Reservoir Monitor

MerCruiser’s OEM reservoir bottle kit is an ideal fit for most Alpha and Bravo models. The monitor kit comes with its set of straps, screws, and a custom adapter to make setup hassle-free. 

It’s an excellent fit for parts 806193A48 and 806193A48–1 and suits your lube reservoir compartment better. 

Boaters keen on a massive reservoir monitor will fancy the broad dimensions this kit offers. It measures 15” x 7” x 9” and features correct markings to ease gauging lube levels.   

A single order for this lube reservoir kit is available from $138.50 at Amazon

RPS Gear Lube Bottle Reservoir Monitor

Boat owners searching for a replacement monitor that suits multiple models will fancy this option from RPS. 

The set can be a perfect spare for MerCruiser 806193a51, 806193A33, and 8M0075708 prior parts. And its overall dimensions (6.9” x 4.5” x 2.9”) make it a great option to fit in later models too. 

Boaters who select this option will also get a sensor included to support easy and accurate checks of your machine’s lube level. 

One order for the RPS gear lube reservoir and sensor is available for $108 at Amazon