Fengtaiyuan Pen Review

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Updated on July 25, 2023

The Fengtaiyuan pen is a relative newcomer to the stationery space, but it has managed to garner many positive ratings. But if it’s the first time you’re hearing about this pen, positive ratings alone may not be that convincing. 

The Fengtaiyuan pen is a collection of rollerball gel pens manufactured and shipped from locations in China. Different variations of the pen exist and buyers can use any refill they desire due to its easy customization potential.

In this review, you’ll get every detail on the Fengtaiyuan RP18 pen to help make your selection easy. 

Fengtaiyuan Pen Features

The Fengtaiyuan pen weighs at six ounces (6 oz.), making it a bulky option for shoppers. Its massive size is complemented by an ergonomic design grip surface, which also gives it impressive detailing. 

Most gel refills work with the Fengtaiyuan, and users could get creative to include other pen tips too. The Fengtaiyuan comes as a rollerball pen by default, but users can switch to ballpoint refills without hassle.   

Its unique, bulleted head design is another plus for taking notes without having to worry about smudged-up pages. 

The pen’s surface is designed with surface spray rubber that’s rounded off with a matte finish. Such an outer design gives the Fengtaiyuan pen an edge over other glossy, hard-to-handle writing tools. 

The Fengtaiyuan pen has a universal refill template, unlike most custom or generic pens in circulation. Users of this pen can easily tweak its lines and writing effect with easy replacement refills. 

glue-coated pen holder is also included with this pen to prevent sweaty hands from ruining your writing. Protective padding is also included in this pen’s cap to prevent unwanted movement when it’s placed on your table. 

Fengtaiyuan Pen Types

The Fengtaiyuan pen is available in four (4) different types:


The Fengtaiyuan 0.38mm pen provides a very light line ideal for writers who desire a quick-dry, smudge-free writing tool. Low viscosity ink used in this pen model aids its smooth flow.

Based on customer reviews, the 0.38mm Fengtaiyuan is one of very few thin-tipped pens that rarely skip during use. The gel ink also provides elegant detail, making it easy to take notes with considerable precision. 


The mid-width, 0.5mm Fengtaiyuan leaves a slightly heavier line than 0.38mm tips, but retains its quick-dry properties. It could be an excellent option for writers who seek a pen that doesn’t encourage smudging and supports smooth writing. 

Balance is offered by this version of the Fengtaiyuan and affords writers who desire a thicker line greater support. Writing with a 0.5mm Fengtaiyuan supports legible letters and doesn’t consume your ink.


0.7mm Fengtaiyuan pens are preferred among writers that desire an even heavier line than the 0.5mm. Even with a massive line and thicker effects, the 0.7mm version still affords users quick-dry support during writing. 

The Fengtaiyuan 0.7mm boasts a thicker line and retains economical properties available in other tip versions. 


Writers searching for a pen with a thick, clear line will prefer the 1.0mm version of Fengtaiyuan. The Fengtaiyuan RP18 1.0mm offers a smoother writing experience with every other exciting feature available in lighter tip versions. 

All versions of the Fengtaiyuan are available as gel ink rollerball pens. Customizations may make it possible to fit in ballpoint pens of different tip sizes. 

Fengtaiyuan Pen Included In Box

Each box of the Fengtaiyuan pen contains eighteen (18) pens stacked in three lines of six each. You will receive a 0.38mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm, or 1.0mm based on your order. 

Fengtaiyuan does not mix different pen tips in one package, so you need to place separate orders for each version. 

Does Fengtaiyuan Pens Have Pencil Holders Included?

No, the Fengtaiyuan doesn’t have any pencil holders included with each order. But you can place a separate order for Fengtaiyuan pencil orders from Walmart, Amazon, and other stores. 

Does Fengtaiyuan Pen Have Universal Refills?

The Fengtaiyuan pen supports universal refills available at several online stores. All colors of refills are available in different sizes and most generic options with similar dimensions will work too. 

How Long is the Fengtaiyuan Pen?

The Fengtaiyuan pen measures around 5.91 inches (150mm) and is 0.39 inches (9.9mm) in diameter.

Can I Get a Fengtaiyuan Pen Pack in Different Colors?

The Fengtaiyuan range of pen packs is available in four (4) different colors. Shoppers searching for Fengtaiyuan pen packs are available in blue, black, red, and green.

All packs of the Fengtaiyuan pen come with eighteen (18) pens in one order. 

Some stores don’t have all the color ranges of the Fengtaiyuan pen in stock. You may need to place orders in a different store or through Fengtaiyuan’s website for some color options. 

Also, you can’t get different colors of the Fengtaiyuan pen in a single order. So, if you desire red and blue ink Fengtaiyuan pens, you need to place separate orders for each one.