Guns in Homes Pros and Cons Statistics

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Updated on March 28, 2022

Gun control debates center of homicides and other violent firearm uses in America. It’s a crucial talking point across most spheres of American society and a mainstay topic before, during, and after elections. 

Currently, over 390 million guns are in circulation across America, almost 30% more firearms than its entire population. Over 60% of Republicans support gun ownership which is almost twice higher than 38% of Democrats. 

It’s vital to provide a balanced look at the pros and cons of owning guns in American homes. That’s why this post presents ten (10) major pros and cons of guns in homes across America. 

Current numbers show that calls for and against gun control laws are split evenly across US households. While over 54% say gun control laws will reduce mass shootings, 58% believe these legislation will make self-defense difficult.

Five (5) pros and cons each of guns in homes are outlined in this post to give a stable view of firearms possession in America. 

Guns in Homes Pros Statistics

1. Over 60% of gun owners in the US cite protection as the reason for owning a firearm


A recent Gallup poll revealed that about 63% of gun owners believe they gain more protection from owning firearms. The figure means more than six out of ten Americans believe gun ownership offers greater safety unavailable to non-owners.

2. Over 45% of US gun owners cite hunting as the main reason for owning firearms

PEW Research Center

Over 4 in 10 Americans claim they own a gun primarily for hunting purposes. About 46% of gun owners registered as recreational or professional hunters with their firearms. 

Other reasons cited for owning guns are sport (11%), antique/heirloom (6%), and for work (5%).

3. 79% of US gun owners say they feel safer with a firearm 

PEW Research Center

About 79 out of 100 owners of firearms in America believe they feel safer with their guns. That shows about 21% of gun owners don’t own a firearm for safety reasons.

Apart from feeling safe while owning a firearm, over 70% of gun owners say they enjoy owning a weapon. 

However, people living in a home with guns say they derive less enjoyment from being around a firearm.  About 43% of non-firearm owners living in homes with guns is not enjoyable. 

But over 64% of people living in homes with guns who don’t own a firearm say they feel safer. 

4. Over 4.7 million annual gun use/presentations in the US is for self-defense

National Survey on Private Ownership and Use of Firearms (NSPOF), Northwestern Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology

The NSPOF conducted a polling survey about defensive gun uses in the US. Findings from the extensive study show that annual gun uses and presentations in America occur more than 4.7 million times.

Defensive gun uses considered in the survey were those for self-defense, defense of others or property defense.  

5. Over 230,000 defensive firearm uses in America occur in non-fatal violent victimizations

Bureau of Justice Statistics

Numbers recorded that about 235,700 gun use events in America are for defensive measures against violent victimizations. Hundreds of thousands of US gun users have avoided violent situations with the presentation or use of firearms. 

Guns in Homes Cons Statistics

6. In 2019 alone, over 4,400 people (average of 11 persons per day) within the ages of 10 – 24 were homicide victims


A study conducted in 2019 showed that more than 4,460 people (over 11 per day) were homicide victims in America. The data only covered homicides committed against people within 10 – 24 years of age. 

Considerations of other age groups will increase this number to about 10 times its count (44,000+) within the same period. 

7. Males account for 86% of US firearm deaths


In the US, about 86 out of 100 victims of deaths from firearms are male. The staggering number of gun violence against male populations in the US doesn’t end there.

About 87% of non-fatal injuries related to firearms are also committed against males every year in America. The numbers are quite reflective of how males suffer over 4 times more gun violence than females in the US.

8. Over 4.5 million children live in homes with loaded and unlocked guns


More than 4.6 million children in America live in homes with live firearms, according to several surveys and research reports. Gun safety concerns makes this number an unhealthy figure for some non-firearm US households. 

9. In a five-year period, over 15,000 children die due to firearm use


A survey conducted over a 5-year period showed that 15,500+ children in America were fatalities of firearm use. 

10. 3 out of 4 intimate partner homicides are committed against women

American Journal of Preventive Medicine

While over 85% of men are victims of gun violence, women hold a major percentage among fatalities of intimate partner murders. 

Over 75% of murders committed against intimate partners were against women while about 25% were against men.