Hookup Culture Statistics

Hookup culture is having casual sex to anyone you meet randomly, either at your campus, at the party, or on social media. It’s a casual sex encounter, including one-night stands without necessarily including emotional intimacy or a commitment. It’s undeniable that hooking up is a huge part of the culture of modern society and has become more ingrained in popular culture. People have more accessible ways to meet people, socialize and hook up.

Study shows that about 72% of men and women participate in hookups. 90% of American college students believe that their campus has a hookup culture, and about 85% of their classmates are engaged in such culture.

How many college students have experienced hook ups?

Study shows that more than 90% of American college students believe that their campus has a hookup culture.

Sex is common among college students, and so with the hookup culture. Almost all college students participate in peer culture, where they base sexual ideas and sexual actions on their peers, thus encouraging the hookup culture. 90% of college students believe that their campus has a hookup culture, and 85% of their classmates have hooked up.

Journal of Adolescent Research shows that between 60% and 80% of college students had sexual experience.

College students have high sexual motivation. Most of them are already had the sexual experience of about 60% to 80%, of which 30% to 50% sexual intercourse.

Gender imbalance fosters hookup culture amongst college students.

College women outnumbered men by 4 to 3. Thus, men have leverage in the sexual marketplace. The gender imbalance caused them to engage more in casual sex than in long-term relationships.

Hookup culture has been around in colleges since the 18th century.

Hooking up isn’t new in college. In history, found in journals and letters of the 1800s, wealthy white male college students have a long history of engaging in hookups with prostitutes, poor women, and enslaved African American women.

How often do college students hookup?

According to the National College Health Assessment, only 20% of students regularly hookup

Not all college students are sexually active. 49% will occasionally hookup with 1-2 sexual partner per year. 35 % of students do not hook up at all, and 25% of students will graduate from college a virgin.

According to Katherine Bogle research suggest that more than 50%  of college relationships begin with hookups

As hookups became more ingrained in the collegiate culture, most of their relationship started in this setup. However, relationships that begin in casual sex tend to have lower satisfaction and commonly do not last.

How common are hookups?

About 40 percent of men and 31 percent of women have engaged in casual sex. 

Study shows that hookups are common among young adults (between 20 and 39 years old). According to Kinsey Institute report, this age group has the most sex of almost 112 times a year or about twice a week. 

Men tend to hookup more than women. 

Study shows that men are four times as many sexual partners as women. Science would explain that men have a higher sex drive than women because of testosterone, which boosts men’s sexual desires. 

What age do people hook up the most?

According to studies, young adults ages between 20 to 39 years old engaged in hookup culture.

A vast majority of young adults, mostly from college populations are engaged in the hookup culture of about 80%.  Most hookups happen at parties of about 67%, dormitories with 57%, 10% at bars and clubs, 4% in private vehicles, and 35% in any available place.

What US state most like hookups?

Rhode Island ranked the most hookup state in America.

The state has richly filled with many nice clubs and bars where you can have fun and hook up. The state was regarded as the “most sex-crazed state in America” because the vast majority of the population is engaged in hookup culture. The government has blamed online dating apps for the rising cases of STDs associated with hookups.

What city has the most hookups?

São Paulo is the best city in the world for hookups

São Paulo ranked as the world’s top city for hookups. The Brazilian city has the highest Tinder users and the most successes in getting laid. Hookups are pretty straightforward in the city. There is attached to using dating apps like Tinder in Brazil.

Best Hookup Sites in 2022

Top 5 Hookup Sites and Apps based on their success rate of getting laid.

  1. Tinder – Best dating app for quick and easy hookups
  2. Badoo – Free app, most used in European and Latin American countries
  3. Grindr – Best for gay hookups and LGBTQ+ dating site
  4. HER – Queer women dating app
  5. Bumble- Best dating app for women who values their time. Men need to reply within 24 hours, or they will be weed out from the dating pool.