Kawaii Pen Shop Review

By Dianne Catapang Written by Dianne Catapang
Updated on July 31, 2023

Kawaii Pen Shop is a store that sells cute stationery and accessories inspired by Japanese culture. From cute pens to deco masking tapes to lunch boxes, you can find them all on this online store. The question is, should you shop here?

Despite the varying opinions of buyers, Kawaii Pen Shop remains as one of the best places to find cute stationery. If you are planning to bulk buy desk accessories, pencil cases, washi tapes, and such, this is a place you can consider visiting.

Kawaii Pen Shop Review

Mia, the founder of Kawaii Pen Shop, says she has always loved funky and cute Japanese stationery. Unfortunately, those items are not very accessible. Sympathizing with people like her, Mia started Kawaii Pen Shop.

The business aims to provide affordable, high-quality cute stationery for everyone. 

 What is the general evaluation for Kawaii Pen Shop?

Based on Kawaii Pen Shop’s scores from review sites, it is 50/50. The shop could be amazing or the exact opposite.

People who gave it 5 stars love the quality of both the items and the service. They say the shop is trustworthy.

They also said the items always arrive in a timely manner. Furthermore, they say that items are neatly packaged, so they arrive undamaged. 

And of course, people are also pleased with the discounts and free shipping. And sometimes, Kawaii Pen Shop even includes free goodies.

On the other hand, some people complain that they never received an item. That could be because of its strict return policy. So, buying from this shop is a gamble.

Is Kawaii Pen Shop Legit?

Kawaii Pen Shop is a legit seller. However, it would be best to be prepared as things will not always work out.

Some customers claimed that no item arrived at their doorsteps. Others said that they received the wrong item. Unfortunately, the customer service did not help resolve the issues.

Kawaii Pen Shop Review

Loss of items could be the fault of custom agencies. But as Kawaii Pen Shop said on its website, it is not their responsibility to make you aware of that.

Is Kawaii Penship legit? Yes, it is. But shopping from this store is not risk-free. 

What Does Reddit Say About Kawaii Pen Shop?

Redditors have plenty of things to say about the Kawaii Pen Shop. Before buying from the store, it is best to check their comments first.

According to most, Kawaii Pen Shop sells overpriced items. They claim that it buys items from AliExpress, which it then resells. So, it would be better to go directly to AliExpress as that would save you money.

The strict return policy also makes the store not appealing. You can’t cancel a confirmed order, even if they have not shipped it yet.

You can’t discount the advantages of buying from AliExpress, though. Redditors said you could opt for it over AliExpress if you want to buy many items. It is just one seller, so shipping would be cheaper than on AliExpress, where you get items from different independent sellers. 

What is the best experience with Kawaii Pen Shop?

 The most positive review we found for Kawaii Pen Shop was posted 2 years ago. 

The customer says that the store added so many free goodies to their order. And they loved it for how cute and high quality they are.

The customer also praised Kawaii Pen Shop because shipping did not take too long. Furthermore, the customer said they loved the discounts and offers Kawaii Pen Shop provided.

With all that said, they said they would be shopping at this store frequently.

Kawaii Pen Shop Review

How does it feel to receive an order from Kawaii Pen Shop?

As stated above, buying from Kawaii Pen Shop is a bit risky. You don’t know if your order will arrive or not. 

So, to keep it short, you feel relieved when your order arrives – and in good condition. It means that your money is not wasted.

Does anyone experience the worst scenario with Kawaii Pen Shop?

The “worst scenario” is the one where you don’t receive your order. Unfortunately, many have experienced this.

And it goes beyond just not receiving an order. The reviewers also said they contacted customer service. But Kawaii Pen Shop did not respond, or if it did, it failed to put its words into action.

Do Kawaii Pen Shop ships orders on time?

 If there were no problems and you received your order, yes, it arrives on time. But again, some orders get lost for over two months, and the buyer doesn’t hear from Kawaii Pen Shop.

Kawaii Pen Shop Review

Is it worth it to order on Kawaii Pen Shop based on the people who ordered before?

The honest answer would be: no. You either get fantastic service or bad service. Risking that is not highly recommended.

But if there are items you want and can’t find anywhere else, go for them. Just brace yourself for whatever will happen.