Longest Lasting Highlighters

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Updated on April 2, 2022

Searching for the longest lasting highlighters is easy when you can bank on correct information. That’s why it’s vital to always get your facts straight when you’re seeking the best value highlighters in stores. 

Long-lasting highlighters should offer more lines per page than generic options. A high-value highlighter must also possess the right features to support quick-drying, cap-less use, and no-bleeding on pages. 

If you’re keen on the best, long-lasting highlighters, your search is over! Take cues from this guide to get vital information about the long-lasting highlighters to make an excellent choice without hassle!

Longest Lasting Highlighters under $10

Crayola Take Note Erasable Highlighter

The Crayola Take Note Erasable Highlighter ranks high among choices for long-lasting underlining tools. One fascinating feature provided by this highlighter set is its erasable design.

Writers can easily highlight any important text now and dry erase them later. Such a feature comes in handy to make corrections or to leave your pages looking unmarked after use.

The set comes with a chisel tip and serves as an ideal fit to draw thin or broad lines across pages. At just $6 for each six-pack of this highlighter set, you’re sure to get a long-lasting, rewarding highlighting experience. 

BIC Brite Liner Highlighter

The BIC Brite Liner Highlighter draws over lines of text with increased precision and delivers an extra-bright hue on pages. Its bright, yet clear liner makes it easy to mark out important sections to look at later.

It also comes with a chisel tip designed to aid easier highlighting of text and swift underlining. ACMI-certified liner ink is used in this set to make every highlighting experience safe and with zero hassles. 

Users of this pen highlighter don’t have to worry if they forget to cover its tip for several hours. The highlighter set is designed to support moisture over its tip for as much as 8 hours without drying out. 

All these exciting features are available from the BIC Brite Highlighter for $8.50 (for 12-pack) across several stores. 

Longest Lasting Highlighters over $10

Sharpie S-Note Creative Highlighters

The Sharpie S-Note Creative Highlighters 24-pack set offers users a superb highlighting experience with more value for money. The set of highlighters comes with a unique chisel tip designed to render broad and thin lines with ease.

It also features a vast assortment of different colors in one set to make custom highlighting more comfortable to achieve. But that’s not all there is to this pen highlighter.

No-bleed ink runs through this highlighter to keep your work clean and easy to read. 

The 16-pack set of Sharpie S-Note Creative Highlighters costs $17 at Amazon

Most online stores also have this set of highlighters available in 6, 12, 24, and 36-count packs. Each unit in every Sharpie S-Note pack is designed to guarantee longevity, so a bigger count package might be economical.

Tombow Kei Coat Double-Sided Highlighter – 10 Color Set

Each Tombow Kei set comes with a brown, orange, red, purple, pink, two blue, and three yellow highlighters. Each highlighter is designed with a retaining tip designed to stop excess flow of ink onto your pages. 

Also, each unit of this set has a felt tip construction to enhance precise lining. Ten-pack orders of this pen cost $15 across most recognized online stores.

Longest Lasting Highlighters with Open Cap

The longest lasting ink-based highlighter with an open cap is the BIC Brite Liner Highlighter. This highlighter will not dry out even if its cap isn’t placed over its tip for 8hours.

It’s also fascinating that this highlighter is one of the most well-known, no-bleed highlighters currently on the market.  Some highlighters with a long open-cap consistency tend to bleed over pages during use.

And the longest lasting highlighter right now is the KUTSUWA Hi-Line Highlighter. The highlighter is not ink-based and can be left without a cap for as long as you desire. 

How Long Does a Highlighter Pen Last?

Regular users of a highlighter (500 – 1000 words per day) can expect their highlighter to run out after 50 days. People who don’t make much use of their highlighters may not need a replacement pen for a year or more. 

How to Make a Highlighter Pen Last Longer

Step 1: Get nail polish remover high in acetone content

Step 2: Turn the nail polish in a shallow bowl or container

Step 3: Dip the tip of your highlighter pen into the solution

Step 4: Keep the tip in the acetone solution for 30 seconds 

Note that you can make use of alcohol (dry gin and other spirits) if acetone is unavailable.