Montblanc vs. Pelikan

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Updated on August 15, 2023

Montblanc and Pelikan are among the luxury brands that provide quality and reliability. They are considered an institution in producing quality pens and manufacturers of fine writing instruments. But between Montblanc vs. Pelikan, which brand is better? Which one stands out? Read on to find out. 

There is not much difference between Montblanc and Pelikan pens. The physical features and functionality are almost the same. They only differ in their price. Montblanc is cheaper than Pelikan. But, that doesn’t discount the fact that both come with almost the same quality in terms of durability, reliability, longevity, ink quality, etc.

Montblanc Midnight blue vs.Pelikan Edelstein Tanzanite

Pelikan vs. Montblanc: Which pen is more durable?  

Both Pelikan and Montblanc are undoubtedly durable pens. They have been around for several decades and continue to serve the market with quality pens. People wouldn’t patronize their products if their pens are not durable. They have earned their reputation by providing pens that last longer than their competitors. 

If we are to compare the two in terms of durability, that would depend on how they are used. Both Montblanc and Pelikan are made with almost the same materials. Pelikan and Montblanc are made with molded, polished acrylic called precious resin, which means that pens are vulnerable to scratches and breaks.

However, since they are made with high-quality resin, they are still reliable compared to cheaper pens with plastic-based barrels.  The nibs are made of 18k or 14k gold, and points are made of alloy ball or Iridium tip, which doesn’t wear out easily. The bottom line is, if the pens are treated with respect and care, then they would last for many years.  

Pelikan vs. Montblanc 18k gold nib

Which pen is better?

If we are to talk about which pen is better between Montblanc and Pelikan, it would depend on the user’s preference.  They are pretty much the same classic brands and provide the same level of performance in terms of print quality, durability, longevity, and reliability.

The only thing that stands out is Pelikan’s price. Pelikan is better at providing a variety of pens that are cheaper than Montblanc. Usually, a brand-new Montblanc is double the price of a brand-new Pelikan pen.

Montblanc’s established itself as the number one luxury fountain pen brand in the world, which makes its price higher than other brands. However, there are other luxury pens that provide the same quality as Montblanc but are cheaper.

In terms of superiority, it would depend on the consumer’s prerogative. If you are more on the economical side, the Pelikan brand would be the best choice. But, when you look for a product with the bragging rights associated with it, you would probably choose Montblanc.

What are the main differences?

There is not much difference between Pelikan and Montblanc. Both are classy and lightweight. Both are made of high-quality resin and 14-18k gold nibs. Here are some of the main differences between the two: 

  1. Ink – Montblanc ink is made in Austria, and the bottle is made in Italy, specially formulated to provide an optimum writing experience to users. The ink is permanent water-resistant that dries in a reasonable time. On the other hand, Pelikan ink is made in Germany and is not waterproof, unlike Montblanc. Its ink is washable, unlike Montblanc permanent ink. 
  1. Ink Reservoir – The ink reservoir of a Pelikan has a standard measure of 2ml, while Montblanc ink reservoir measures ranging from 1.1 to 2.1 ml. 
  1. Price – Pelikan is a lot cheaper than Montblanc. They are almost half the price of Montblanc. But despite being cheaper, Pelikan has the same quality as Montblanc. The price of a Pelikan fountain pen is about $300, while a Montblanc fountain pen costs about $500. 
  1. Nib – Usually, Pelikan nibs are longer than Montblanc, but both are made of 14 or 18k gold. 
  1. Writing quality – Although there is not much difference in writing quality between Pelikan and Montblanc, some reviews from users said that Pelikan is smoother and more defined than Montblanc. 

The Ultimate Montblanc 149 vs. Pelikan M1000 Comparison

Montblanc 149 and Pelikan M1000 have proven their capacity to provide excellent writing experience among their users. There are slight differences in writing samples, but that is not much of an issue. There are slight differences in their appearance, including the length. Pelikan M1000 is a bit longer than Montblanc 149. They both look classy, made with high-quality resin and 18k gold nibs. 

The key features of Pelikan M1000 and Montblanc 149 are almost the same, including their functionality. But Pelikan M1000 is cheaper than Montblanc 149. So if you are looking for an alternative to Montblanc that is more economical, Pelikan M1000 is the best pick for you.

Montblanc vs. Pelikan


Montblanc 146 vs. Pelikan M800 Fountain Review

Both variants offer almost the same performance and quality. They have black and gold trim, which looks very classy. They pretty much have the same length when they’re capped, but when uncapped, Pelikan 800 has a bigger nib and is slightly longer. Both are very comfortable to hold, especially the Pelikan M800 because of the tapering near the nib. Montblanc has 14k nib while Pelikan M800 has 18k nib.

Both Montblanc 146 and Pelikan M800 pens use a piston-filling mechanism that can hold a decent amount of ink. However, some reviews say that Pelikan M800 is smoother and more defined than Montblanc 146.

Montblanc 164 vs. Pelikan M600

Both Montblanc 164 and Pelikan m600 are excellent products and perform very well.  M600 has a plastic piston that is more balanced and lighter. It is significantly smaller than Montblanc 164, which is more suitable for people who have small handwriting. Pelikan M600 nibs are replaceable and interchangeable, which is not available for MB 146. In terms of ink performance, both give good and defined lines.

Montblanc 149 vs. Pelican M800

In terms of performance, both are reliable. Pelikan M800 provides the same quality as Montblanc 149. The only difference is the bragging rights that go along with using MB 149. Pelikan is more budget-friendly and recommended to those looking for an MB149 alternative. MB 149 costs as much as $900 while Pelikan M800 only cost $500.