Pacemaker Boat Reviews

By Mohammad Alam Written by Mohammad Alam
Updated on April 2, 2022

The Pacemaker is a popular name when it comes to marine vehicles. The brand established its name in the yacht industry and ruled the industry from the 60s to 80s. Even though the growth started to decrease with the evolution of the yacht industry, the name is still known to many.

Pacemaker produces the finest boats on budget. The mileage is excellent, with a fantastic horsepower range starting from 210 to 350. Even though the designs are from decades ago, they still look classic and adored by the consumers.

Pacemaker Yachts history and specification

In 1949 Charles Platt founded Pacemaker Yacht company. Later on, the company was hired by Uniflite in 1977. The Pacemaker was specialized in producing yachts and boats. Their boats are still famous for their specifications.

Size: Most Pacemaker boats are on average 26 to 40 feet long with a beam of 9’10 to 15′. Their average weight is around 7500 lbs to 42000 lbs.

Fuel type: Like other boats, Pacemaker also made boats powered through gasoline.

Engine: The majority of the Pacemaker boats, such as Pacemaker 26/EC, 31/EC, 31/SF, 31/SR, 40/MY, etc., have two engines. They also made some models that contained one machine.  

Top Models of Pacemaker Yachts that can Still be Found

Even though Pacemaker boats are not on the top of the market, they still have some fantastic models available on the market. Here are some of the top models of Pacemaker yachts that can still be found.

Alglas 25

The Alglas 25 is one of the initial fiberglass boats produced by Pacemaker. The wide express boat is characterized by rounded bilges, a cabin, a flybridge, and a short bow. The front freeboard was 3’10”, while the aft freeboard was 2’10”.

Chrysler and Pacer engines with 210 to 250 horsepower were used (hp). The average speed for cruising was around 18 knots, with a maximum acceleration of 25 knots.

Alglas 26

The open-style Pacemaker boat has a relatively more enormous cockpit with a 3′ freeboard. The forward’s portion is around 10″ whereas the aft is approximately 3’10”. Like all the other ones, 26 Alglas is powered by gasoline which gave around 260hp.

31 Sport Fisherman

The 31 Sport fisherman is a version of the Alglas model, a kind of express cruiser. It is also gasoline-powered with a horsepower of 210 to 250. The maximum speed is around 21 knots to 28 knots.

33 Sport Fisherman

The Fisherman 33 sport came under the model called Flybridge. It is also an Express cruiser. Instead of gasoline, the 33 Sport Fisherman is powered by diesel engines which can generate up to 210 horsepower. The speed is around 16 to 21 knots.

26 Wahoo

This is one of the unique boats manufactured by Pacemaker around 1977 to 1980. The boat has an open area with a console in the center.


The Sportfisherman line from Pacemaker comes in various lengths, ranging from 26 to 48′. Two cabins and a galley were standard on larger Sportfishermen, such as the 40 Sportfisherman. Twin gasoline or diesel engines propelled the majority of sport fishermen.

Smaller Sportfishermen models were faster, reaching a maximum of up to twenty-five knots. Still, larger boats sacrificed speed for luxury and comfort.

32 Flybridge Sedan

This model is called the 32 Flybridge Sedan because the length is around 32 feet and has a beam of about 12 feet. The speed can go up to 23 knots. The boat is fueled by gasoline.

Convertible C33

Once the convertible C33 came into the market, people preferred this model over the 32 Flybridge Sedan. The bow is flared slightly higher and has a transparent foredeck. The speed remains the same as the Flybridge 32, but it has two engines that provide around 350 horsepower.  

Why are Pacemaker Yachts so highly regarded?

Consumers highly regard pacemaker yachts because of their brilliant built quality and fantastic user experience. The boats are highly durable, look premium, give incredible mileage. In a nutshell, they have everything that a consumer would love.

Pacemaker 48 Sport Fisherman One of the Best Yachts Produced by the Brand

The Pacemaker 48 is a type of fishing boat manufactured in 1975. The average length of Pacemaker 48 is around 14.4 m, with a beam of around 4.44 m.

This large boat has three cabins and 6 Berths. The fuel capacity is around 37800 L with a 640 CV.

Buying Guide for The Classic Pacemaker Yachts 

  • Engine specification: Pacemakers usually make single and dual engines. Dual engines are preferred for longer routes.
  •  Condition: Try to look for the built quality and fuel consumption.
  •  Size of the boat: The preferred length is usually 15’-16′. This will allow you to ride smoothly.
  •  Pricepoint: Pacemaker boats are available in different ranges but if you want good quality and durability, go for the one ranging from 50 to 80 thousand USD.