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Updated on July 24, 2023 has a massive collection of pens and pencils sought by buyers worldwide. With such a high demand for items in its inventory, shoppers at need vital information about this online store. is an online store based in Brooklyn, NY and offers thousands of pens and writing/drawing tools for sale. Shoppers at can choose from several categories of pens and pencils available and get their orders shipped within days. 

If you’re keen to purchase writing materials from, take cues from this guide to make your selection easy. 

Is Legit? is a major store for shoppers keen on the best pens and pencils. The site runs a transparent business model and many online reviews show that customers trust this store.

On top of its track record of being a trustworthy store, has been operating smoothly for several years. Shoppers from all around the globe trust this store to provide a broad range of high-quality writing tools for various needs. 

What Does Sell? sells pens, pencils, markers, fountain pens, and other kinds of writing tools. 

How to Place Orders on

Step 1: Visit

You can visit the official website ( from a mobile device or PC. has a simple user interface and is supported on most old and new model internet-enabled devices. 


Step 2: Select item(s) from categories

Several categories of pens and pencils are displayed at Choose from any item available and after checking its description. 

It’s also a great idea to check reviews of your preferred products before going ahead with your purchase. 

Step 3: Add items to your shopping cart

You can add an item to your cart by clicking Add to Cart. In this section, you can also decide to increase the quantity of items you want from

Step 4: Click on your cart

Clicking on your cart after adding items to it directs you to another pop-up menu. In this menu, you can see more details about all selected items and proceed to the next step. 

Step 5: Tap Check Out

The ‘Check Out’ button is available in your cart. Clicking on this button sends you to a different page with more information about your purchase. 

Step 6: Enter contact information 

You will need to fill in your email, phone number, shipping address, and other information in this section. You might not have to fill in all this information if you choose Express checkout. 

Selecting Express checkout will lead you to a section that requires fewer details to complete a purchase. But if you decide to continue with the regular checkout, you need to tap the ‘Continue to Shipping’ button. 

You can also select ‘Return to cart’ to edit your orders or add items to your purchase list.

Step 7: Enter shipping information

Clicking on ‘Continue to Shipping’ will redirect you to a page where you need to fill out your billing/shipping addresses. 

Step 8: Make payment

Next, you need to confirm your billing and shipping addresses and quantity of ordered items before making a payment. 

How Long Does Take to Ship?

Orders placed at are shipped by the United States Postal Service and takes 4 – 5 days to deliver. 

International orders at might take some days longer than local purchases based on logistical issues. However, express international shipping at may take no more than a week to deliver. 

Does Have International Shipping? offers international shipping services to shoppers. Buyers outside the US can order items from’s store and get it shipped within days. 

International shipping orders from $0 – $100 at will cost around $15. Orders outside the US that cost more than $100 may have to pay $24 or more if surcharges are included.  

Does Have Free Shipping?

Orders over $30 at attracts free shipping (for US shoppers only). Such orders will be shipped within 4 – 5 days. 

There is no free shipping offer for international orders at International shoppers will need to pay within $15 – $20+ to get their orders shipped to provided billing addresses at checkout. has a Priority Mail service too that incurs an extra $9 charge to ship local or international orders.’s Priority Mail service might arrive within 1 – 3 days for local orders or within a week internationally. 

Does Sell Refills? only sells pens, pencils, rollerballs, ballpoint, markers, gel ink, color and fountain pens. Orders for refills of your favorite pens should be placed at other websites that have your preferred options on sale. 

Online stores like Jet PensCult Pens, and Amazon have a massive collection of refills in stock to make your selection easy. Return Policy has a customer-friendly return policy that allows orders to be sent back within a long timeframe. Shoppers at can return shipped items within 30 days and receive a 100% refund.

However, there is no statement from whether the full refund includes return shipping costs. 

Shoppers who desire to return items to can send it to: Pens and Pencils 5308 13th Ave. Brooklyn NY 11219.