PHX Pen Review

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Updated on July 24, 2023

The PHX Pen has been available in stores since March 2012 and still commands huge patronage among pen enthusiasts worldwide. Joe Huang and Chadwick Parker of Big Idea Design are behind the concept of this pen and its aesthetic appeal.

The PHX Pen is a full-metal writing piece with a minimalist design and supports refills with ink cartridges. Two variations of the PHX Pen exist, but both allow refills of different sizes and precision tips. 

Finding the right pen to complete all your writing tasks could be a challenge without correct information. That’s why this guide provides every detail required to understand how the PHX Pen works.

Taking cues from this guide makes it easy to choose from a massive collection of high-end, top-quality writing pieces.

PHX Pen Features

The PHX Pen has a distinct feature set along with its minimalist design and has a cylindrical, silver barrel

It also sports a no-taper design on its 1cm barrel to boost its overall simplicity and appearance. Users who desire a pocket clip with this pen also get a removable, titanium clasp included.  

The PHX Pen also comes with two versions of end caps – a threaded (screw) and smooth (classic) version. 

Packaged refills in this set are either the Uniball Signo DX or Pilot Hi Tec. Both refills are renowned for their ability to produce precise, fine lines during writing. 

The PHX Pen weighs a paltry 2.1 oz. (59g) and packs multiple cutting-edge features with no effect on its weight.  

PHX Pen Compatible Refills

PHX currently supports more than half-a-dozen refills from third-party manufacturers. Check out all top options to reload your PHX Pen with zero fuss:

1. Muji Gel Ink Ballpoint Pens Refills (0.38 mm) (Sku#4548718815890)

This ballpoint pen refill works in the PHX Pen and is an almost-perfect replacement for its included 0.4mm tip. However, you need to get the specification of this ballpoint pen refill correctly if it will fit in your pen. 

2. Pilot Hi-Tec-C & G-Tec-C Standard Refill (most tip sizes & colors)

Pilot Hi-Tec refills are the standard replacements for PHX pens with different size options to choose from.  

3. Rotring Tikky Liner Gel Refill (0.3mm, 0.5mm, and 0.7 mm)

The Rotring Tikky Liner Gel Refill is available in small, medium, and large sizes. 

4. Uni-ball Signo D-X Refill (UM151) (UMR1) [0.28mm, 0.38mm, and 0.5 mm]

Uni-ball has extra thin, thin, and medium options in its DX Refill variant.  

5. Uni-ball Signo Needle (UMR-1ND38) (0.38 mm)

Writers searching for a thin-tipped writing tool will fancy this 0.38mm option from Uni-ball.

6. Uni-ball Signo Gel Pen Refill (UMR5) (0.5 mm)

The Uniball Signo Gel Pen comes with a sizeable 0.5mm tip and a balanced liner to suit different writing styles. 

7. Uni-ball Signo Gel Pen Refill (UMR10) (1.0 mm)

Another compatible refill from Uniball provides an excellent replacement for writers keen on a bigger pen tip. Its 1.0mm tip delivers a clearer tone some users may find lacking in smaller pen tips. 

8. M&G G–5 Chinese Gel Refill (0.38mm)

The M&G G-5 Gel refill is a common replacement for PHX Pen owners searching for a leaner, precise tip. It’s worth noting that some models of this refill might require a new spring and 14~15mm spacer to fit.  

PHX Pen Included In Box

One order for a PHX Pen comes with the items listed below:

  • 1x stainless steel pen body and cap
  • 1x pocket clip (made from Titanium)
  • 1x Hi-Tec-C black refill (0.4mm)
  • 1x threaded back plug (“coin-screw” design to support cap posting at the pen’s back end)
  • 1x plain back plug (“coin-screw” design)
  • 1x felt carrying sleeve

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PHX Pen Refill Problem

Limited options for refills pose a major problem for users of this pen. With just over six options for refills, users have to get creative to use this pen to deliver unique lines. 

Another problem faced by buyers is the unreliability of its packaged refill. Many users have negative comments about the refills packaged with this pen, and most complain about its inconsistency. 

Does PHX Pen Take Fisher Ink Cartridges?

Fisher ink cartridges are available in different sizes and colors; sadly, none are a perfect fit for the PHX Pen. But there’s a common hack pen enthusiasts rely on to fit Fisher ink cartridges into a PHX Pen. 

With some durable poly-tubing, a suitable string, and a Fisher ink refill, a PHX Pen can take these alternative cartridges. But you’ll need to get the dimensions spot-on for this PHX–Fisher merge to work correctly. 

How Long is the PHX Pen?

The PHX Pen is 5.5 inches (140mm) long with its cap and measures at 5.1 inches (130mm) without its cap.  Also, the PHX Pen is 6 inches (154mm) long with its cap pasted at its bottom end. 

The PHX Pen’s barrel is 4.53 inches (115mm) long and is about 1cm in diameter.