Pinnacle Marine Outfitters

By Dianne Catapang Written by Dianne Catapang
Updated on July 24, 2023

Fishing is one of the most popular hobbies because it is so fun. However, no one can enjoy it if they don’t have high-quality equipment.  

Pinnacle Marine Outfitters is a provider of offshore fishing equipment. It is loved by the community for the high-quality rods that it sells.

Pinnacle Marine Outfitters

When fishing, casting a line while on the water is relaxing. Meanwhile, getting a bite is exciting. This rollercoaster of emotions is what makes fishing so fun.

Unfortunately, it is not that enjoyable if your equipment is terrible at doing its job. It ruins the mood.

Pinnacle Marine Outfitters is one of your best allies in this hobby. You can never go wrong with any of its products.

What Does Pinnacle Marine Outfitters Sell?

Pinnacle Marine outfitters is an OEM producer of offshore fishing equipment. It sells anything you would ever need.

Are you looking for a trolling rod, a chunking rod, or a deep drop rod? Perhaps, you would like a planer rod, a kite rod, or a kid’s fishing rod? You can find all of that in Pinnacle Marine Outfitters.

All of its rods are tested by customers all over the planet and in every body of water that supports life. So, you can rest assured what you are getting from John (the owner) is a reliable rod.

Should I buy rods from Pinnacle Marine Outfitters?

Yes! If you don’t own a fishing rod yet and you are looking for one, buying from Pinnacle Marine Outfitters is highly recommended.

As stated above, Pinnacle Marine Outfitters’ products are of high quality. Furthermore, Pinnacle Marine Outfitters’ rods are competitively priced. With that price and how good they are, they are hard to beat.

You can also talk to John and discuss what kind of rod you need. He will give you recommendations.

Aside from that, Pinnacle Marine Outfitters also offer excellent customer service. One user from The Hull Truth fishing forum said John replaced their defective rod with no charge.

To recap, Pinnacle Marine Outfitters is one of the best OEMs of offshore fishing equipment. So, buying rods from this store is a great idea.

Does Pinnacle Marine Outfitters have a website?

Pinnacle Marine Outfitters does not have a website. That makes it a little tricky to figure out what its inventory is.

Pinnacle Marine Outfitters

John sells his rods on eBay. However, if you visit his eBay page, it will say Pinnacle Marine Outfitters is out of stock. That’s not true.

 Pinnacle Marine Outfitters still has rods to sell. Though, you have to look for John on another page. 

Pinnacle Marine Outfitters has a post on The Hull Truth forum. You can find all the items Pinnacle Marine Outfitters is selling, along with more information about the shop.

Here is a link to the said post:

If you need something easier to remember, you can type “” on your search bar. That will bring you to his page on The Hull Truth.

Does anyone have bad experiences with Pinnacle Marine Outfitters?

Based on the comments of The Hull Truth users, Pinnacle Marine Outfitters is indeed one of the best offshore fishing shops. No one except one has left a negative comment.

They say they have been using Pinnacle Marine Outfitters’ rods for years. And never did the rods fail them. They are excellent and reliable; truly high caliber.

To illustrate, someone said they had caught sharks and tuna using Pinnacle marine Outfitters’ rods.

Aside from that, Pinnacle Marine Outfitters has excellent customer service. You can talk to John and ask him for recommendations. He will also replace defective rods – free of charge.

Last, items get shipped immediately. Expect your rods to arrive just a few days after you place your order.

Where can I find Pinnacle Marine Outfitters’ products?

You can find people online selling their Pinnacle Marine Outfitters rods. 

If you want to get the items directly from John, you can check his eBay shop. However, as of this writing, the shop says it is out of stock.

Pinnacle Marine Outfitters

So, the best place to find Pinnacle Marine Outfitters’ products is on The Hull Truth Forum. 

John has posted all the items that he sells there. That includes Pinnacle Marine Outfitters’ rods and others. He is an authorized dealer of CMOR maps and FlexCoat.

What are the available payment methods?

You can pay Pinnacle Marine Outfitters through PayPal. John also accepts Credit Card payments over the phone. 

You don’t have to worry if you choose the latter option. Pinnacle Marine Outfitters does not keep credit card information. All of it is destroyed after authorization.

Pinnacle Marine Outfitters’ previous customers will attest that John is trustworthy. 

Is Pinnacle Marine Outfitters still in business?

You may confuse Pinnacle Marine Outfitters with Pinnacle Marine. The latter is the company that closed their shop. As John said in The Hull Truth, he is a little busy at the moment, but the shop is open.