Princess vs Sunseeker

By Mohammad Alam Written by Mohammad Alam
Updated on April 2, 2022

Yachts are known for adding a touch of glamour to a luxurious life. From sailing deep into the ocean to racing, yachts have been famous for their discrete purposes. So, sail deep into the sea with the finest yacht available.

Sunseeker and Princess both are British premium motor yacht brands. Sunseeker provides larger yachts with a well-crafted interior, whereas Princess provides relatively smaller yachts at a more affordable price.

What are the best features to look for in Princess and Sunseeker Yachts?

When it comes to water vehicles, yachts are more expensive. So, when you are investing so much money in a vehicle, you need to look for the best option available to you. Sunseeker and Princess are both renowned luxury motor yacht brands.

Choosing from both of these can be a tough call. But here are some of the features that you can look for while deciding on the perfect yacht for you.

Features of Sunseeker yacht: The Sunseeker yachts are aggressively styled while keeping it subtle around the edges. The interior is elegant with a touch of woodwork. Sunseeker yachts provide staterooms, berths, a center for food prep, etc. The fuel consumption is pretty great as some of the models only burn 9 liters per hour.

Features of Princess yacht: The style of Princess yacht is different from Sunseeker. The interior is exquisite; the style is classic yet modern. Princess yachts are value for money as they provide excellent mileage. Fantastic for long routes and survives for many years.

How are Princess and Sunseeker Yachts doing in recent years?

The value of the yacht market is around 8.5 billion US dollars with a 5.2% of growth rate. Both Princess and Sunseeker are doing reasonably well in the market as their quality has ensured the satisfaction of the consumers.

Sunseeker’s revenue is around 297.4 million USD, whereas Princess’s revenue is about 334.10 million USD. The reason behind Princess yacht’s success is its affordability. They provide a great deal compared to the price charged.

As the industry is growing in the coming years, there’s a chance of expanding for both companies. Better strategies, improved design, and great innovation can change their position in the market.

Fairline vs Princess vs Sunseeker


In 1964, Jack Newington bought a few dirt mounds and connected them with the river. Yachts were more like a luxury item around the south coast where only the upper class had the opportunity to own and enjoy them. Whereas, in Norfolk boards, yachts were a pastime to anyone willing to enjoy it. Fairline allowed the families to endeavor the beauty of yachts.

Fairline Yachts are comparatively inexpensive and provide excellent quality. They also have a luxury lineup for those who want to invest in a more expensive yacht.


David King, who lived in the port near Ply mouth, founded this luxurious brand. He was a naval officer who purchased a few molds and built an extraordinary boat which he sold for 3400 euros. This was then called Project 31.

The money earned from that was used to build more boats. David, later on, quit his job and worked hard to create this brand. Since then, Princess yachts are continuously serving wonderful yachts to people worldwide.


Sunseeker had one of the most aspiring journeys. It was a name that no one recognized and now it has become a global phenomenon. The Braithwaite brothers built this brand to provide premium yachts to millionaires worldwide.

The design of Sunseeker makes it look premium and luxurious. Alongside that, the fuel consumption, size, price, etc., are on point.

What are the Pros and Cons of Princess and Sunseeker Yachts?

Pros and cons of Sunseeker yacht: The size and agility of the Sunseeker yacht are some of its many advantages. The engine is mighty and smooth. The torque allows the yacht to reach a perfect speed even in high tides.

The classic dark wood finish of the interior is one of its pros. This adds extra value. The kitchen space, along with the spacious staterooms, can’t be missed.

One of the cons of the Sunseeker yacht is its lower helm. This can hamper a driver’s driving position. The driver needs to stretch a bit to reach the throttle.

Pros and cons of Princess yacht: The built quality, material, affordability, mileage, etc., are the pros of the Princess yachts. The usual Princess yachts are comparatively smaller than the other ones. This allows the yacht to travel faster. During strong waves, safety can be a concern.

What does the user Experiences say about Sunseeker vs. Princess Yachts?

Throughout the time, users have loved both Sunseeker and Princess yachts. They have expressed their gratitude towards the companies. People prefer sunseeker for luxury and exquisite experience. On the other hand, Princess has given them an excellent user experience.

They also said that the size of the Princess yacht is more convenient. As a result, it travels way faster. But at the end of the day, both give fantastic service.