Rite in The Rain Pen Alternative

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Updated on April 2, 2022

Rite in the Rain is an all-weather pocket notebook designed to endure extreme weather conditions. It is the best type of paper to record your activities, journals, notes, or anything outside the four corners of your office. Rite in the Rain paper has become a solution for outdoor professions that need you to record valuable data. Rite in the Rain papers works best with all-weather pens produced by the same company. But what would be the best alternative, in case you don’t have these handy? 

The best alternative would be any standard pencil or an all-weather pen, like the Fisher Space Pen. You can also use other brands that use oil-based and waterproof inks. 

Rite in the Rain notebook and Pen

Rite in the rain compatible pens?

Rite in the Rain is an all-weather paper that sheds water, sweat, grease, and mud. Rite in the Rain paper is made from a wood-based all-whether paper that undergoes a paper impregnation process, forcing a mixture of water-based protectants into the paper while it’s still in giant rolls. Because of the materials used, not all types of pen work with Rite in the Rain paper. Compatible pens for Rite in the Rain papers are pens that are not water-based which are more likely to bead or wash off Rite in the Rain paper. Use standard pens, all-weather pens, or oil-based pens. The following brand is a good selection for you to write in the Rite in the Rain paper: 

  1. Fisher AG7 Astronaut Pen
  2. Rite in Rain All-Weather Pens
  3. Pilot Downforce Pen or Pilot Envelope Pen
  4. Zebra F-xMD Ballpoint Pen
  5. Tombow Airpress Pen
  6. Fisher Space Pen Trekker
  7. Uni Power Tank Pen
  8. Schon DSGN Classic Pen
  9. Sharpie markers
  10. Zebra Mackee Double Sided Name Markers
  11. Staedtler Lumocolor Permanent
  12. Marvy LePen Technical Drawing Pens 
Rite in the Rain 980-Kit All-Weather Universal Bound Book Kit, Green/Tan |  RainWriter.com

Cheaper alternative to Rite-in-the-Rain Pen

Rite in the Rain notebooks works best in all-weather pens. They are not really that pricey even though they serve a special purpose. Here are some of the cheap pens compatible with Rite in the Rain pens. 

  1. Pen Z-Grip Retractable Ballpoint Pen– for $5.91 for 18 pieces pens. It has a 1.0mm medium point ballpoint pen featuring low viscosity ink compatible with Rite in the Rains paper. 
  2. BIC Round Stic Xtra Life Ballpoint Pen– cost $5.99 for 60 pieces ($0.10 per piece Count). It features a flexible round barrel for writing comfort.
  3. Uni Power Tank Pen- cost $1.42 per piece. It is a retractable ballpoint pen with a bold point (1.0mm). 
  4. Zebra Pen Z-Grip Retractable Ballpoint Pen– 24 pieces per pack which cost $7.59 each pack ($0.32 per piece). It has low viscosity oil-based ink for a smooth, skip-less writing experience. 
  5. Pentel R.S.V.P. Ballpoint Pen-cost $4.56 for 2 pieces of pens. It has an advanced ergonomic design and is refillable.  

Do I need a special pen to use Rite in the Rain? 

Though the Rite in the Rain paper is made from special materials, it doesn’t require a special pen. Even cheap pens work fine with Rite in the Rain papers. Rite in the Rain paper materials can withstand almost all kinds of pens, like ballpoints, fine liners, or anything except water-based ink pens. Almost all non-water-based pens can work with Rite in the Rain papers paper when it is dry.  It is still recommended to use an all-weather pen or pencil for wet Rite in the Rain papers, which are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and write through water, sweat, grease, and mud without smudging the paper.

Alternative refill for a rite in the rain 47R

Rite in the Rain 47R is an all-weather pen refill. It has a pressurized cartridge that writes on wet paper at any angle, temperatures from -30°F to 250°F. If you want to have other choices for Rite in the Rain 47R, here are some of the best alternatives that you can use: 

  • Uniball Powertank
  • Tombow Airpress
  • Pilot Down Force 
  • Fishers Refills
  • Parker standard refill
  • Cross standard refill

Alternative refill for a rite in the rain 37R

Rite in the Rain 37 is an all-weather chrome/plastic clicker pen with a pressurized ink cartridge that writes upside down and through moisture without washing off. Refills are available for Rite in the Rain 37R. The best alternatives ars: 

  • Fisher Cap-O-Matic (M4B series)
  • Space Pen
  • Pilot Hi-Tec-C multi-pen refill (LHSRF-8C)

These might work, but you have to adjust the length of the spacer piece as necessary. 

Top Rite in the Rain Competitors and Alternatives

Since the 1920s, Rite in the Rain has served the public with its excellent products such as all-weather notebooks, planners, calendars, pens, etc. However, others were also inspired to produce the same products and became successful, and ultimately became Rite in the Rain’s top competitor. Rite in the Rain’s top competitors and alternatives include: 

  • Oxford Stone Paper– Stone Paper is the greener alternative to paper products because it does not use trees as the raw material. This product is water-resistant and much more durable than Rite in the Rain paper.
  • Field Notes Expedition Edition– it is a waterproof and tearproof notebook made from special paper, which is made from 100% recycled materials. 
  • Pictostone Professional Stone Paper Waterproof Notebook– is also made from stone paper. It is waterproof, tear-resistant, flame retardant, super silky soft, and paper cut proof.
Oxford stone paper note book