Rite in the Rain vs. Fisher Space Pen

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Updated on April 2, 2022

Pens are indispensable tools needed for drafting documents, jotting down notes, writing your journal, etc. Pens are a crucial tool in almost every profession that we know. The success of one’s career might depend on it. However, pens have their own limitations and challenges to being a reliable writing tool. The environment plays a big role in the reliability of a pen. To address issues with pens, pen manufacturers start innovating pens that can work in all angles, at extreme temperatures, in any weather condition. They have made all-weather pens. 

When we think of all-weather pens Rite in the Rain and Fisher Space are no doubt to be on top of our heads. But which brand is better? Which brand stands out? Generally, both serve their purpose and are reliable. Both can write upside down, on either wet or dry paper, even underwater, with sweaty hands, and extreme weather conditions. So, whether you buy Rite in the Rain or Fisher Space depends on your choice. 

Marine researcher writing underwater

What are the differences between Fisher Space Pen and Rite in Rain pen?

Both the Rite in the Rain and Fisher Space Pens are the top best water-proof pens in the world. They are both reliable in outdoor jobs and even underwater. Fisher Space also supplies pens and refills for Rite in the Rain with specially formulated ink. In terms of functionalities, both are the same. Here are the main differences between Fisher Space and Rite in the Rain pens: 

  1. Fisher Space can be used in zero-gravity space– Fisher Space can be used not just outdoors, underwater, or in any weather condition, but it can also work in outer space. It has a pressurized cartridge with nitrogen at 35 pounds per square inch that works in zero-gravity.
  2. The ink formulas are different– Fisher Space used a hermetically sealed tube containing thixotropic ink, pressurized nitrogen gas, and a tungsten carbide ballpoint tip. 
  3. Writing experience– Fisher Space writes more smoothly than Rite in the Rain pens. Rite in the Rain pen inks are still vivid after submerging in water. Fisher Space ink floated and migrated on the paper, although it didn’t smudge. 
  4. Price– Both brands have a reasonable price. Fisher Space pens would cost as low as $11. Rite in the Rain pens is recommended if you’re looking for a relatively cheap, all-weather pen option. It would cost from $6.97 to $29.95 each. 
NASA writing in zero gravity space.

Does Fisher Space Pen work on Rite in the Rain?

Yes, Fisher Space Pen works on Rite in the Rain. In fact, Fisher Space supplies pens and refills for Rite in the Rain with specially formulated ink.  They have identical cartridges with different labels for Fisher Space Pen or Rite in the Rain.

Is the Rite in Rain pen the same as the Space Pen?

No, although they served the same purpose, they are different. Although Rite in the Rain pens can work in all weather conditions, can write through sweat, mud, water, or at any angle, they cannot be used on the outside of earth. Fisher Space or Zero Gravity pens work in outer space and are used by astronauts.

Can Rite in the Rain pens use a Fisher Space Pen refill?

Absolutely! Yes, you can use Fisher Space Pen refill to Rite in the Rain pens. Fisher Space even supplies pens and refills for Rite in the Rain with a specially formulated ink that performs better on waterproof paper. Although, lots of customers say that refills manufactured by Fisher Space are more likely to bleed when put underwater than Rite in the Rain own refills.

Which pen is better between Fisher Space Pen and Rite in Rain pen?

Both Fisher Space Pen and Rite in Rain pen are relatively good for their purpose. They are one great solution to those who need to record valuable information outside of the four corners of a typical office. They have served their purpose for a very long time. However, people love to compare things, including these two brands. 

Which pen works better than the other? There are varying opinions on this part because it really depends on your priority, or on the things you are looking for in a pen. Marine researchers would probably say that RITR pens are better because inks are less likely to bleed than the Fisher Space pen. Astronauts, on the other hand, might disagree, as Fisher Space pens work in zero gravity unlike Rite in the Rain.  So, to answer this question would be very subjective according to its user. Both brands served their purpose, so it is for you to choose whether Fisher Space Pen and Rite in Rain pen would suits you.

Which pen lasts longer, Fisher Space Pen and Rite in Rain?

On normal use, Rite in the Rain would last long. Although there is not enough information to show how long the ink lasts, it is guaranteed that it is less likely to dry out because the cartridge was sealed. Fisher Space pens have an estimated 100-year shelf life and can write for over 12,000 ft. or approximately 2.5 miles.

Rite in the Rain belt holster pen