Sea Strike Boats

Sea strike boats are not your common water-riding vessels for catching fish. These are originally created in 1973, operating under the brand of VIP Marine, and it comes with different versions.

In essence, Sea Strike Boats is a brand that specializes in designing and refining boats for fishermen and anglers. They have specific boat variations for calm waters like lakes and rivers, coastal waters like seas and oceans, and different weather conditions.

What are sea strike boats?

The sea strike boat is smaller than other boats because they are made to keep their volume small. As crafters focus on a boat that holds a lesser volume, their quality and specs are significantly improved for better performance.

Sea strike boat specs

The sea strike boats commonly weigh around 3,950 pounds dry. These boats can be filled with 173 gallons of fuel. Aside from these, we can look at other specifications of its design, like its 27-feet wide loa, more than 8-feet long beams, and a deadrise of 18 degrees.

Sea strike boats are made with the best marine-grade aluminum to make a boat that can withstand the intense demands of the waters while keeping an affordable price.

What are the different types of sea strike boats?

Boats are catered to the needs demanded from them. There are different types of sea strike boats where their specs are tweaked to fit different needs.

The semi-vee is a light but powerful sea strike boat that fishermen and their families can use for inshore fishing or cruising through big lakes and estuaries.

If you want to see a sea strike boat that would survive more arduous water conditions, the semi-vee lure is the type for you. These are constructed with a sleeker look because their bows are lowered, and their sides are straight and streamlined. Moreover, the power of the semi-vee lure is due to its strong transom and compact engine.

The semi-flat is another sea strike boat type that is easier to steer. If you prefer rowing or engine driving in inland fishing, or simple day-to-day personal use, you can choose this.

The flat bottom design is best for boats best on rivers and lakes. The heavy-duty flat is another excellent type of sea strike boat because it is the most stable of all kinds. Lastly, a custom or bespoke build is available if you want a sea strike boat made from scratch to tailor to your specific needs.

Sea strike boats for fishing

Aside from personal use, sea strike boats are best for fishing. They are designed to remain stable while the fishermen capture the fish available in the area. Despite being small vessels, these sea strike boats are designed to be efficient in their use of space where an area is designated for the captured fish.

Also, sea strike boats are guaranteed to be safe for fishing. These obtained the Recreational Craft Directive guidelines and will give a safe fishing experience in inshore and inland fishing.

Used sea strike boats for sale

A brand new sea strike boat can be quite an expensive investment. If you are not ready to pour your savings into a brand new boat, you can always try getting yourself a second-hand sea strike boat. Cost is significantly reduced to around $20,000. Generally, older constructed models are cheaper because of the inherent depreciation due to their age. Still, since these are top-notch fishing vessels, their safety on the waters is on par with brand new ones.