Stamoid vs Sunbrella

By Mohammad Alam Written by Mohammad Alam
Updated on April 2, 2022

Marine fabrics are just like any other business when it comes to trends and style. Different types of materials are available in the market, which usually provides similar services with slight differences.

Stamoid and Sunbrella are the two renowned types of fabric of this segment. Both of the materials are UV-resistant, waterproof, fade-resistant, and stain-proof. Sunbrella is preferred for seating, whereas Stamoid is mainly preferred for decorative purposes.

What kind of fabric are Stamoid and Sunbrella?

Sunbrella: Sunbrella is a fine quality marine grade that is dyed in acrylic. Once the fabric is dyed in the solution, a layer of PVC vinyl is attached to each side of the material. This allows the fabric to stay intact underwater.

Sunbrella fabric has each and every quality of a fabric that is solution-dyed. Including an indestructible waterproof bottom, it has excellent resistance to abrasion, UV and fades barrier properties, color stability, tooling, and spot resistance.

Sunbrella is designed to withstand salt, humidity, sunlight, pressure, and temperature fluctuations. It’s chemically resistant, which means bleach can be used to remove the most challenging spots like mold spores. Sunbrella may be cleaned quickly with soap and warm water on a daily basis.

Stamoid: Stamoid Top, designed by Serge Ferrari, is composed of knitted polyester with a vinyl covering across both ends, leaving it entirely waterproof. Even though both sides are vinyl-coated, it has texture on the outside and the glossy side on the inside. Stamoid is dirt-proof and coated to prevent mildew growth.

Because of its elevated, interwoven polyester fabric, Stamoid shrinks tiny (below 0.5 percent), and it does not stretch or sag when exposed to dampness. On the skew, it’s doesn’t expand. Because the fitted shape of the end product will not alter over time, it enables modeling simpler.

The steel pipe components are placed further apart; such utmost precision results in a beautiful outcome. Awnings and shade sails are two examples of the fiber-reinforced composite where polyester excels. During the rain, the cloth will not sag.

What are the similarities between Stamoid and Sunbrella plus?

Stamoid and Sunbrella plus both are the famous fabric that is often seen in renowned yachts. Both of the materials are well known for their quality and durability. The usage of these two fabrics is quite similar.

Both of the fabrics can be cut through sharp knives or scissors. Both fabrics are waterproof and they don’t swag in humidity. Companies give five years of warranty for the fabrics. If anything happens within these years, they will take care as per conditions.

Both Stamoid and Sunbrella have UV protection technology where the color of the fabric doesn’t fade in sunlight. They are made out of similar kinds of fabrics which keeps them safe under the water.

What are the differences between Stamoid vs Sunbrella plus?

Stamoid and Sunbrella do not have significant differences, but there are a few significant ones. For example, Stamoid is not made for sitting areas. These can’t be used in cockpits where the driver might sit. On the other hand, Sunbrella can be used for every area.

Are Stamoid And Sunbrella both waterproof fabrics?

Both Stamoid and Sunbrella have polyester vinyl attached to both sides. The layer of polyester protects the fabric from water. The extra vinyl coat allows the fabrics to maintain their shape even after getting wet. As both fabrics are waterproof, this increases their value of them in the market.

Which fabric is better between Stamoid And Sunbrella plus for a T-top?

Sunbrella fabric is without a doubt one of the best canopies covering for a yacht t-top. With a wide range of colors and patterns, it’s the material of preference for canopy covers, seats, shading, and fences.

It’s UV and color resistant, mold resistant. It is also approved by the Skin cancer foundation, meaning that it doesn’t trigger cancer. It’s also simple to wash and permeable, allowing cool air to move through.

What are the uses of Stamoid and Sunbrella marine fabrics?

Marine is mostly utilized in the maritime industry. This material is cotton-based that is made to protect the boat from the water. Marine fabric is a robust cotton material. This indicates that the fabric is much more intricately intertwined than regular canvas.

Marine fabrics are extremely important for boats, yachts and other sea vehicles. Sunbrella and Stamoid are both used in different areas of marine vehicles. Starting from canopy covers to seat covers, they are used for various purposes.

Other than using these fabrics on yachts and boats, Stamoid and Sunbrella are used for various different purposes. Some of them include sail for marine vehicles, upholstery, drapery, etc. Even though sails consist a rarely small percentage of the market, it is still sold widely.

Stamoid and Sunbrella have similar features but the usage is slightly different. Hence, according to the need, one must choose from the two.